Friday, December 30, 2011

Tell me what you think.

It's a work in progress and I am never really happy with it, but today I updated my about me page, rather than it being an about me page, it ended up being a My Blog Story page.

It still needs something, feedback from twitter has been that it is still missing something that describes me.

I will keep thinking.

My blog will keep changing, I think she might even make herself some new years resolutions. But they wont be about losing weight or reducing chocolate intake - this blog is designed to increase the chocolate intake of the Huey household, and online, I can already photoshop out the cellulite if Instagram filters haven't already.

Take a look, tell me what you think, and be prepared for any changes that come about as I fiddle my way through things. (Here is the link for those that missed it above)



  1. Just leaving a comment as I plan on buying a lotto ticket tomorrow.

    So I hope your bio is honest and accurate ;-p

  2. Hi Claire,

    It's great!! I've been meaning to come over and say 'hi' for a while, I keep seeing your comments when I'm commenting on other peoples blogs. Love your about me page, tells a story. Congrats on your awesome job. I need to go back to earning next year. No idea what yet and daunting after many years off! Happy New Year! Mel xx

  3. Hi Claire (not Clairey) - see I followed all the links!

    Love your "about me/about my blog" page! Was enthralled with all the twists and turns...guess we all have those so we can relate a bit.

    Even though I've tried explaining it and even written a blog post about why I blog, most of my family don't really get I related to the part about other people smirking. At least your friends commented! Mine either don't comment or send me a text or write it on my personal Facebook - why don't they just write it on the blog?!

    Anyway, I'd really love some of that luck and fortune you mentioned...when should I expect a cheque? :)

  4. That was a really interesting read. Nice work - it's a keeper :)

  5. Hi Clairey, you have done a great job with your about my blog page. It is a great read and tells your story well. I do though feel something is missing. Reading it I don't feel like I 'know' you. I know your career, but not you. I love an about page with insight into the readers soul. But maybe that is not the direction you want to take or too personal and that is okay. You are the only one who can decide how much is too much.
    I still love your blog and have got to 'know' you through your writing which I love :)
    Have a great NY x

  6. Hi Claire,
    I LOVE your new info and as a previous marketing person, I was not only very interested by very inspired that one day I may find an awesome part time job!!! Very motivating - thank you!xo

    I agree with Jodi though that I think it needs a paragraph at the start more about you. Just expanding on your tiny about me blurb on your homepage "A fabulous mum, marketing guru and domestic goddess failure." Maybe you could write something on each of those points (the marketing part already well covered.) Just a thought.

    I am also relieved to have read the Clairey story and now know what to refer to you as!!!! ; )

    Love, love, love your honesty, openness and humour.


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