Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mumma's are doing it for themselves.

Through work, through blogging, through meeting people in my daily run around I am always thrilled when I meet a Mum who decides to give a business a go and try the whole new business and work from home thing.

Firstly, because the concept of work from home is something I think is actually harder to do than working for someone in an office, an office that is totally cleaned and prepared for you with no distractions. Secondly, because it takes courage to do this, knowing the high chance of failure and forging ahead anyway.

So today here are a couple of Mum's who have decided to give it a go:

Spin Baby

I love this one, simply an opening in the market was viewed when a bike loving family could not get bike gear for the new baby. 

Mr H is a keen bike rider and he and Popps are starting to get out a bit now in their bike gear. She really loves having her own top, just like Dad, and one day we hope she wont need the training wheels. One day.

Spin Baby stuff is available here:

HuckleBerry Lane

My girls love nighties, but I despise garments with licensed characters on them and I would hate to sleep in nylon or synthetic fabrics myself so I don’t allow them to either. I admit, finding nighties that meet my nana-ness has been difficult.

Not. Any. More.

How cute is this little one? 
These are beautiful. I chatted with Eliza who owns Huckleberry Lane and heard how this went from wanting to supply something for her kids, to seeing a gap in the market and taking a chance.

You can purchase in stores or directly online here and I am sure you wont be disappointed with what you get.

Chocolate Freckles

Now this is actually a shop, a kids clothing shop, but at Chocolate Freckles you can get lots of Australian designer clothing. They have great sales (which I am a very big fan of) and lots of little gifts for those children that you never know who to buy for. Chocolate Freckles is owned by a Mum who saw a space in the local market and decided to give it a try, and I am really glad she did. You can like the Facebook page to keep up with all the special offers or new stock.

There are thousands of others, but these are my current favourites. If you are a Mumma giving the home/small/own business a go, feel free to let me know in the comments section so I and everyone else can check you out. 

Or add your business to my facebook page wall to share it with others.

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