Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My new handbag, it even sings.

When Immy plays babies, she often says to the baby, "bye, bye, Mummy is going to work now." Then she goes off to a chair and says beep beep beep beep beep, while she pretends she is working on a computer.

It seems she has certainly hit the stage of imitating the big people in her life, which is actually quite an interesting reflection of us as parents.

When I suggested a little walk the other day, to reduce my cabin fever for some lovely fresh air, she ran around yelling "wait! I haven't got my phone"

And so our ten minute walk took nearly an hour as we stopped to speak on the phone every few steps, mainly to Dad, Nana and Granny.

I also got to use her handbag to put the house keys in, which also came with a toy mirror, pretend plastic coins and a stuffed dog!

Then I got to carry them all back home.

Have you ever seen yourself in the play antics of your children?



  1. My toddler tried to swipe the tv the other week. I felt bad because she must think my iPad is connected to me!

  2. I certainly have.
    I also get to see the antics of other people in their children's play at work. Even the things I don't want to know!

  3. All the time! Perhaps the scariest and most revealing (but sometimes funniest too) imitations are in the tones of voice they use, or the jargon they come out with. So often I hear myself in them!

  4. All our kids imitate a cloned version of myself and their Dad when they are on the phone. They tilt their head and talk like me and they wander aimlessly like their Dad. LOL

  5. Oh a classic from years ago when my high schooler was about 3, my father-in-law (a retired plumber) was under the sink & clearly frustrated, she said "Grandpa, are you have issues??" & he said "tell your mother to keep her Oprah crap to herself" - i still refer to any drama as 'issues' & wonder what Oprah would say?? Love Posie

  6. Yes! And sometimes it is deeply unflattering. I could say more but I fear I will incriminate myself and my sh!tty parenting.....

    The "Wait! I haven't got my phone!" bit is priceless, Clairey.


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