Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ideas for a Christmas salad.

We are sharing ourselves around as many Christmas dinner tables as we can this year.

My sister who lives in the middle of nowhere has requested I bring the afternoon platter of cheeses and deli treats that you can only get in the big smoke. This is perfect for me, it requires shopping and no cooking and will also travel the many kilometres we need to drive without much hassle.

My Mother in law has requested some suggestions for some new salads for the table.

Since I went to Gwinganna I have been eating a lot of new salads. So I had another search through my latest mags and books for some for Christmas Day and thought I would just share my favourites here in case anyone else is looking for some food ideas that are easy, yummy and summery.

Here is my list of suggestions.

Beetroot Salad

Popps loves beetroot and I think it is highly possible that my Father in law has some in the garden, this would be a yummy way to add some home grown yumminess to the Christmas table. It is actually also online here.

Mexican Beef Salad

I have made this one already, the kids loved it and so did Mr H as I made him BBQ the meat first and then slice it, it made him feel a little less mungbean hippy for the day. It is from a Weight Watchers book and was a great meal all by itself. It will be perfect for a hot day too.

Prawns with Watermelon and Feta Salad

This is from a magazine called MindFood, which I have only recently come across. Prawns are a major food source for us at Christmas time and this salad looks just perfect - because it looks so so easy. Grabbing the mint straight from the garden can be a task for the little kids to help get them involved with the Christmas catering.

This one is from a magazine, but I also found it on their website so you can get the full recipe there, just click on the heading to go through to the website. I like how it is in the Christmas colours!

Do you have salads for the Christmas feast table, or is a more traditional Christmas still served in your house?

And this was not a post for any of the publications mentioned, they are just where I found these ones.



  1. Funny. Just this morning i sat down with Mr google and research this very thing! I'm making a similar mexican one. But it suggests you use torillas (pressed into muffin tins and cooked for 5 minutes) as little baskets. Which I think sounds kinda impressive for the kids. Thanks for some more inspiration :)

  2. Yuuuum yum yum. This year will be our first without the proper roast meats, potatoes, veg's, etc. A simple meal at home for us and I'll be going salads, yes. Boxing Day is our big day (here) and I will be expecting most of them will be full from the day before. We've opted for an afternoon/evening time slot, going all out with a few afternoon tea type pies and bakes (sweet and semi-sweet) like pecan pie, etc., and I'll prob do a plate of simple sandwiches too :-) Kinda like conference-catered work-do food. Because I miss it. Pity I can't just eat it and have to do the making...!

  3. p.s. Caz that is a great way to also serve baked beans as a difference to the usual 'beans on toast' quick meal. And tinned spaghetti, etc., too. Big hit in this house since L was a little tacker! (can also do it with bread with crusts cut off and slightly flattened with roller)

  4. Yum what fabulous salad suggestions, especially the prawn one as us lucky devils on the Sunny Coast gorge ourselves on the fresh catch just off the boat!!
    You can't go past the old faithful potato salad either!

  5. Our favourite salad with beetroot is "pink salad" with diced beetroot, egg & cheese & then whole egg mayo as the dressing which turns everything pink. YUM!

  6. My Dad is such a traditionalist. We all push for salads, but invariably, we get veggies. I have the gwinganna cookbook on my christmas list, I flipped through it at a friends - yummy! Kellie xx

  7. Yum! We're hosting Christmas for my family at our house this year and we're moving away from tradition a bit, with lots of seafood and salads.


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