Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A quick DVD GiveAway: Criminal Minds for the Grown Ups Plus Disney Junior stuff for the kids.

There are giveaways aplenty going on all over blogland. Take your chances, get a Christmas gift marked off your list and go enter them.

I too have a few things to giveaway, I know you want things now, not in two weeks and I know it takes time to get things sent out.

So let's make this a quickie again.

First Up, one for the grown ups.

I was given the choice of reviewing a few TV series that are now on DVD, and this is where I have to admit, I love bad television drama. While many of you would have picked Desperate Housewives I am sure, I chose Brothers and Sisters. In the mail it arrived - the entire series, 6 discs worth! I would love to sit and watch the whole thing one day but I doubt that will ever happen. Instead, when Mr H's shift work allows me control of the remote control, I will slide in a DVD instead.

Box Season has arrived so go pick your favourites and keep away from the Summer TV viewing (apparently it rots your mind) by watching your favourites from through the ratings season.

The Prize: I have the just released Criminal Minds Season 6  DVD set.

Second Giveaway Winner will get:


The Kids Set: The Little Hueys recently sat down to check out Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny with some new DVDs that arrived. I used the girls as child labour, and forced them to watch TV. They were mighty impressed. Immy is still only able to watch an episode of something before she gets bored, movies are not her thing yet. Popps enjoyed the Mickey Mouse one most, the characters are still quite new to her as we have had limited Mickey in the past. My nephew who is two loved Handy Manny quite a lot. I would have liked to just give him the review copy, but Immy is not sharing this one. If you need something for a small kid who has everything, these DVDs are the answer.

The Prize: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Numbers Roundup DVD and Handy Manny: Big Construction Job DVD.

To enter:

All you have to do is tell me,  in the comments section of this blog post, what is your favourite movie and why. The two people who entertain Mr H the most in their comment will win.

This will only be open til Thursday 8 December until 5 pm AEST.

It is not open to all my hundreds of overseas readers (OK, not hundreds, but maybe one?)

P.S. Ensure you leave a way for me to contact you if you have no email connected to your bio.



  1. Hands down Toy Story 3 ( since it is on constant loop in our house) because the gags and one liners that go over the tops of kids heads but make parents laugh out loud.

  2. My favourite grown up movie would have to Love Actually because it's a lovely combination of cute, lovey dovey, comedy and the ridiculous (especially ridiculous is the porn movie scene where the fluffers are chatting about the weather while....well, you know!!!) Anyway, it's lovely, has great music and it's christmassy so it's tops in my book!

    In terms of kids movies, well my favourite is Annie (the original, not the remake!!!) When my 3 year old was sick earlier this year, we watched it over and over and he LOVES it too! Gotta love a singing movie with a happy ending!: )

  3. LABYRINTH!!! This has been my favourite since I was too young to have a giggle at David Bowies bulge!!
    It's dreamy and magical with great songs throughout!

  4. I was once privvy to a very in-depth discussion about who was the better builder - Handy Manny or Bob the Builder. Now, it is important to understand that neither person in this discussion was aged under about 35. Yes, two fully grown men debating building techniques from cartoon characters. Bob won - apparently it was absolutely no contest. Bob uses approved building methods and actually considers OHS!

  5. Oh Criminal Minds!

    Serendipity is my favourite movie, fate, love, romance, the do anything for love part. I have tried my hardest to brainwash Sparky into being romantic in any way...14 years later and I am still waiting for flowers!

  6. Stephen Kings IT, what more can you want, horror, spiders, a group of friends overcoming obstacles and clown terrifying enough that it could (and has) turned children who have seen him off clowns for life!

  7. I know it could be considered dorky but I love the Lord of the Rings movies. I love fantasy and adventure movies and this takes the cake. Plus it doesn't hurt that it has Orlando Bloom :)

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  8. Fight Club is my all time favourite movie, I don't remember the original reason for loving it, but these days I can relate to some of the craziness and sometimes I wonder if I have my own Tyler Durden. And does he look like Brad Pitt?

  9. The Man from snowy river And Bridget Jones Diary, always good to sing along to when doing the ironing!! favkids movie is the lion king..

  10. Would be Steel Magnolias I think... That saint bernard, the gun and the birds... the Bleeding armadillo cake... it is a movie that can make me laugh, cry, swear, sob and ache for the entire film, over and over again, no matter how much I watch it...


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