Monday, November 28, 2011

My perfect table; and other ramblings

I may have to reconsider changing my bio on the side of this blog. Domestic Goddess Failure - Ha!

These last few weeks the Huey household has been acting like a pilot episode for Better Homes and Gardens.

I was looking everywhere for a trestle table but at a child's height level, I got lots of options, but none that were perfect. We cruised around the furniture stores but still found nothing. Mr H arrived home with some wood from Man Heaven and as the weather was poor he decided to make me a table - in the lounge room. Aside from having some liquid nails now permanently on our carpet the table came up perfectly. Really, who minds a bit of sawdust surrounding them as they relax and watch telly when you get the table of your dreams.

With the table now in use I have been helping the girls get festive, with the help of some printable writing paper (free from PickleBums) they wrote out their letters to Santa for us to post today. Plus some cutting and snipping here to make little decorations which we have hang around.

Immy actually drew Santa a picture of himself first. See his hat and beard? Sure you do.
Popps went with the niceties first. Then the one thing on her list, cut out red love hearts and filled the envelope.

On top of that, I have even baked - Gluten and Dairy Free Cupcakes. It does not matter that I used a packet.  They are also looking rather special.

In other news, these are on my shit list. Betts Kids is often my go to place for the girls when they need new shoes (which is about every six weeks lately) I am a little annoyed to see high heels, from size 8 - which is basically from about two and a half years old - now on the shelves.  Really, who buys these and what must such things do for the development of little feet  and minds. So I walked out and got the summer sandals elsewhere.



  1. Awesome table & we have the same Ikea chairs for our two monsters too :) We have to get onto our Christmas craft soon, so much harder ith one in school these days.

    As for the shoes, they'd be cute if they weren't heels! My miss 3 is a size 8 and she would fall on her face if she wore those, she's lucky to stay upright for an entire day in barefeet let alone heels!

  2. Those shoes suck. As a physio I'm shocked to see them on sale. Does my head in to think of the damage, play heels are one thing - but wedges in an actual shoe shop? Who buys this stuff?

  3. Hate the shoes. Hate more that my daughter begs me to by them for her when I instead buy sensible shoes.

    Cool table, it is nice having a handy husband.

  4. Great table! We have a table in our rumpus room for the kids....doesn't look as pretty as yours though as it is covered in paint, glue, glitter, and who knows what else LOL

    Those shoes are really stupid, they are very cool patterns but kids don't need heels duh!

  5. Am impressed with the table.. rounded corners and everything! Am also impressed with the letters to Santa... I can totally see his hat and beard.
    As for the shoes... seriously????

  6. That table is fantastic! The kids school had a pupil free day today, so we got stuck into Christmas craft. They made all my gift tags; one task down!

  7. Ohhh love that table. My girls got a little pink one from my grandparents last year for Christmas and we've only just put it up now that we have a place and it's.. well, interesting. It says things like "Kissy Love I." Weirdness. I wish it was like yours!
    And those shoes? OMG. How ridiculous.

  8. LOVE the Dear Santa pics!

    Those shoes really do look like ladies wear, don't they?

  9. Nawww, i hope you have a grat christmas ;-)

    looking forward to my boys first one! :-)

    - tork

  10. yay so glad you got the table you wanted! It looks perfect! I might just have to get hubby to make one similar! have a good week. x

  11. Children's desks are really hard to get right. My high schooler has a great big long one from IKEA, it's fabulous & serves her well, but it's like, her whole room. Next girl has an old retro dining table from a shop closing down, i covered it in oil cloth. My 3rd girl, she likes to do homework on her bed, lying on the floor, curled up in a chair, but i really wanted to get her a desk & i've found 2 from Revolve at the tip, paint stripped & stuck on how to repurpose them for a 10 year old. Desks take up so much real estate in a child's bedroom. My son has a long low retro coffee table, also covered in oilcloth, works a treat.
    I really don't know what is on people's minds when they design trash for children, it's revolting!! I suppose the parents who buy heels for toddlers also have the padded bras. Who controls this stuff entering stores in this country?? At least we won't!! Love Posie

  12. I love your table handy to have one appropriate for the kids for the high heel shoes regretably they are a throw back from the 70's. I remember having high heels on school shoes as well as dress shoes... unfortunately certain celebs who dress their children in these shoes aka Suri Cruise, do not help the cause...Even tho I wore them when young you won't find my daughter in them until age appropriate!


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