Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mr H does his first Guest Post.

All parents learn pretty quickly that routine is king for getting kids to bed (not babies, they are slow to learn, but kids yes). Routine here is bath, stories, bed (maybe some singing, patting, begging, screaming)

Mr H is also stuck in a rut and can’t actually sleep without reading something. Problem is he never buys any books and never goes to the library, this means he can end up reading whatever he finds lying around the place.

When I was sent a media release about a book  with a cover that looked like something I wouldn’t ever buy, let alone read, I did think it might be ok for Mr H.

I then made him write a review of the book. I was interested to hear what he had to say, as along the way I heard him muttering about excessive amounts of sex and I wasn’t sure if this was a good or a bad thing.

So here is Mr H for his first Guest Post.

Claire gave me this book to read. She knows I love a good story and thought this one would suit my bedtime ritual and need to forget the real world from time to time and join the life of the characters in a book. 
The story was actually a really good read. It’s fairly confronting, about growing up in an African country and feeling like an outsider and basically having little or no respect for your parents, teachers and certainly yourself. The main character is a girl with attitude and every parents nightmare! I shuddered at the thought of my two girls even be-friending a girl like her. It brought back memories from my childhood about the need to fit in with my peers, however the activities they got up to were far more scandalous than we ever did. 
It was interesting reading about the life of this girl and her disjointed family and seeing what life just might be like as a white person living in Tanzania. I don't want to take my kids for a visit there, albeit the scenery and action appears tempting.
I would recommend Exile to anyone who likes a bit of scandal, excitement or simply just a good read.I have asked Claire for copies of any other books by this author who I am told has since died. I have no idea of the circumstance and can only hope it wasn't the same as the main character in this story.

Exile is part one of a Trilogy. Revolution and Liberty are next on the list.

Does this sound like something you would like to read? What style of book do you usual choose?



  1. Hi Mr H. Tell your wife I think she is very impressive.

    I am about to fwd your recommendation/review to my friend who is about to embark on a 6 week trip to India. She might need it at various intervals.

  2. Love the guest post, Mr H!

    These days books are all about ease for me - by the end of the day it's all I can do stay awake to read one page!

  3. Maybe Mr H would like the girl with the dragon tattoo series . think they are up there with some of the best books ever!!

  4. Personally, I am a bit keen on the crime and the death and the serial killings. I like a good quality thriller (LOVE the bookshops around fathers day when all the *good* crime stuff tends to come out). I've just read John Birmingham's Without Warning (first in a trilogy) and it was pretty darn good, actually. I have the second on my ereader, but I have something else to finish first.

  5. Love the guest post!! Will be telling The Architect about this book. :)


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