Friday, November 11, 2011

Chocolate Coins and a $177.95 Giveaway

There are things you should not push the boundaries on.

And chocolate coins are clearly one of them.

After recently taking the girls to a blogging gig where they got to watch Cars 2 in 3D for a select screening in a city penthouse apartment, then headed off with stashbags (yes, they were much more than a showbag, a big stash of things thus, the Stashbag). I asked Popps if there was anything she would like to put in the bag, for the kids "who live in trees" I don't know why she thinks this is where less fortunate people live but she does.

She handed over pretty much half the stuff, a DVD, a CD, an actual Car and a Cars drink bottle.

This morning when I was preparing the stuff to take to the group I mentioned the other day, I also snuck into both of their rooms and took out the bags of chocolate money and added them to my 'stuff' bag.

I had no idea she had plans for those chocolates.

Not just for eating, they were to be real money in the play kitchen, to be used for playing shops and to make her money box sound full.

There were tears aplenty when I said "They are gone".

I have learnt my lesson, in future, I will be very proud that she is willing to so easily hand over so much and to not stretch the limits of giving by a five year old.

As for Cars 2, I can't tell you about it. I was too busy gossiping, networking to bother watching and I still haven't got around to it. Immy refuses to watch it, "cos boys like it" and Popps just says, it was good, and we were allowed to jump on the beds.

I do however have an amazing Cars 2 pack to giveaway. Valued at $177.95!!!

It includes all this:

The Cars 2 pack includes:
-          Cars 2 Blu-ray and DVD
-          Invisible Pen with UV Light set
-          Cars 2 watch
-          Credit Card Sized USB Flash Drive
-          Mini Car toolkit
-          Spy Ear Phone

If you have a Cars fan in your house, or one that you need to buy for this Christmas, then this could be a handy win.

Just leave a comment, and for the love of chocolate coins, please leave your email address if you don't have it attached to your profile or you are not on twitter or you don't follow me on facebook. Or at least email it to me. If the prize isn't claimed within  72 hours of being announced, it will be redrawn.

This is a doozy of a prize so I am keeping it open all week, til next Friday night 18 November 2011.

Monday 21 November 2011: Edited:

Thanks everyone for entering.

This giveaway is now closed:

Melinda I will be contacting you to organise your prize.  Congratulations. I hope Santa also drops you some chocolate coins!



  1. Oh look, I'm first. I think Mr7 would love a spy phone or an invisible ink pen or something. But, me, I'm disappointed there are NO chocolate coins in this prize. I know how Popps feels...

  2. We must have this! But maybe you should also throw in a bag of coins?

  3. My nephew would love this!

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  4. I would take the Chocolate coins over the prize any day...but my Master 5 would love to indulge himself with all things Cars. I could fill a Christmas stocking with this Doozy!!!

  5. My boys would love this! They love Cars!


  6. My little one would love this! He is just getting into cars. I'm on twitter at @diaryofasahm, but I'm pretty sure my email is public anyway :)

  7. My girls love Cars and while they were watching the first one today I mentioned there was a new Cars movie. They are excited to see it now.

  8. Ah, a young girl after my own heart... although I want those coins for chocolate not to play with!!

    My almost-2 year old has just discovered "franchises/brands", including Buzz, Thomas and Cars... such a boy!

  9. Cars 2 was the very first (and ONLY) movie that Mr Six-In-A-Week has ever sat through completely glued to the screen!

    He would love this!

    jodips at ncable dot net dot au

  10. This would be a fabulous Christmas present for my little cousin. I love that you had a chance to relax & gossip during the movie!
    I'm on twitter @Sar_Wah

  11. We love Disney Cars! Was at the shop yesterday & was tempted to buy Anya a blu-ray copy of Cars 2 but I thought I'd try my luck on the giveaways first :)

  12. It sure is a doozie of a prize and how lucky are we that you get to give one away.

  13. Great giveaway Claire. I know my son would love it.

  14. Oh we'd just adore and love this, my miss 3 is a huge Cars fan, thanks for the chance :)

  15. I live in a house with hubs, 3 boys and the princess... I'd love a real movie to watch i am so very over Barbie!!!!
    I need this movie to help entertain hubby, Mr 11, Mr 3, Mr 16 months and i know it will entertain Miss 5 as well and if i can be dragged away from the blissful bubblebath i would like to enjoy while they are entertained i'm sure i'd love it too!

  16. What a fantastic pack my little guy would go crazy for it :0)

  17. What a super cool prize pack, this would go down a treat in our house! Fingers crossed


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