Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility and blogging

Box of stuff

While many people cringe at the alignment, marketing departments often also take on aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Or, in other words, how the business is working with the community, who they should be working with and how they encourage or support staff who are involved in community or charity work.

I have covered this area a few times and really enjoyed it. There are lots of aspects to cover and the area is growing enormously. Businesses want to do good, and they want to see their local, national and sometimes international customers thrive. A good business understands that a decent local economy is what keeps their business afloat too.

CSR is not just for big business. It is for everyone, including bloggers.

Being a blogger you can get all sorts of offers, products and services offered to you. Some you may write about, some you do giveaways for, some you just don’t.

I started to collect a box of items that we really didn’t ‘need’. They were lovely to get in the mail and to look at and open but they were not required. Some of them were things I had won, others were parts of packs I had received from PR, or books I got from blogging functions and items from swag bags.

I wanted someone else to feel the happiness you get when the doorbell rings and the PR guys have sent you a surprise but I didn’t know where to go. I could just give them to the op shop, but then they would likely be sold. That’s ok, but I wanted someone to get them - free.

I spent some time deciding where I wanted them to go, just like I would if I was doing CSR at work. Finally I found a service at our local crèche, which is council run. A council service for families that need financial advice, or help for some reason, it may be a parent has lost a job, died, a child is ill, family breakdown etc. The service works to ensure the family is receiving the basic benefits they are entitled to and helps with budgets etc. I volunteered my box of ‘stuff’ hoping it may be of some use.

Apparently they were extremely happy. Never had anyone donated items for the families that require the service. While it may have only been a DVD, a parenting book, some socks, stuffed toys and the like, the box of stuff allowed families to have something they didn’t expect.

A recent DVD review I did I also changed so that I didn't do a giveaway, I donated the giveaway copy to be used at a breast cancer fundraising raffle, lots of smaller prizes can make selling tickets a bit easier. Someone wins the DVD, the raffle raises more money and extra funds are sent for breast cancer research. It just all helps.

I felt good. It was too easy.



  1. That is such a great idea Clairey!

  2. Awesome idea Clairey :)

    I say no a fair bit because I'm allergic to 'stuff', but I love the idea of 'stuff' being used for greater good.

  3. I should really do this, Clairey. Such a great idea. x

  4. There is always someone who can make good use our extra "stuff". It's lovely that you put so much thought into who to give it to.

  5. I have the same kind of box, filled with 'stuff". Thus far I have only given things to friends and family. You have inspired me to look elsewhere, to places and people that have a greater need.

    Thank you Claire. xx

  6. That's a great idea Claire. We regularly give boxes of toys, clothes, household things to the Salvos, but it had never occurred to me that they would be sold as opposed to given to people who needed them. Will keep this in mind with our next boxful!

  7. Love your work, and love your values.
    That IS what it is about.
    Clairey, you have it spades...

    Waaay before I was a blogger, I was a very grateful Grandma of 2 girls. (1999) I loved that my granddaughters would have all that they needed, and that their mum did too, especially in hospital.

    So, I made up a Welcome Baby Boy and a Welcome Baby Girl kit with all the types of stuff I gave my grandkids, and to make special memories a loaded disposable camera, and some goodies for mum. I wrapped them, completed a card of welcome anonymously, and a parent from the school where I was boss, took them along to the Public Ward of the local hospital to be given to a needy (and probably isolated) new mum.

    Your work here reminded me of that.

    It takes a village to raise a child.

    Denyse XX

  8. Beautiful idea Claire! LOVE it and love when brands get on board too :)

  9. Gorgeous stuff, mate. Really gorgeous.

  10. What a good position to be in. No such opportunity here. Only ever had 2 offers in 10 months and both things were greatly appreciated, reviewed and accepted, ie a book for my son and some biscuits. Maybe some of these PR companies could pass this 'excess' onto other Aussie bloggers who are starting out and wanting a voice in the Australian blogging community?

    Great idea though.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  11. Great idea. I took box loads of 'stuff' books, clothes, cookware to the local goodwill shop when we recently moved.
    Websites like Give It based in QLD have lists of what people need. They might be a good place for excess 'Stuff' if anyone lives in QLD check out

  12. Such a great idea.

    Hey, do you remember you suggested this to me once when I was wondering aloud what to do with all the kids' books I had? I gave them to A's childcare - 3 big boxes full - and it turned out they were struggling to find money to buy new books and the old ones were all missing pages and falling apart, so the staff were buying books with their own money. They were SO appreciative and all the kids love the new books. Thanks for the suggestion!

  13. Great insight. I share my box of goodies to friends and family who I think may have the need for it & will really use it. I am also a frequent donor at my local op shop. I came from a poor country so I know how stuff that may otherwise be gathering dust can be helpful to someone else.


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