Friday, November 25, 2011

Before Christmas gets started, we have a few things to do.

Yes, it is pretty clear around these parts that Christmas is well and truly soon to arrive.

The councils are dusting off the tinsel and putting them up on street poles and the junk mail is starting to arrive thick and fast.

But we have a few too many things to do before the Christmas celebrations can commence.

There is our first Dance Concert. Something that I never expected to be so time consuming. Extra rehearsals, make up nights, photo nights, full dress rehearsal, costume fittings and packing bags of hairspray, hair nets, bobby pins and shoe paint. I am now a Ballet Mum.

 Once I get through this I would like to think I will have a few days rest, but that is not to be, as the Fairy Princess Party will be held less than 48 hours afterwards. This is the party where I wasn't sure how many kids to invite, well, the list just took over and even with limited invitations there are 50 people invited. 50 -   Holy FairyCakes Harmony - you will be pleased to know that I have accepted the kindest offer ever for the cake to be made, to prevent serving up anything like my Echidna to a room full of three year olds and parents I have barely met.

I have also been using Pinterest to get all my ideas for the girls' parties and couldn't help falling in love with these dresses, so I sent the image to Granny Huey and she is organising one each for the girls to wear. I am hoping they will arrive in time for the local Carols by Candlelight and a few other Christmas events we have planned.
I am considering giving these a go too. Eating them I mean. yum.

We also have school orientations and preparations for Popps. How ready is she for school? So so ready. I thought I was too.

Things are hectic, but filled with all good things. Except for one. I rang a cleaner to come and help out, but she too is flat out til mid January...bugger.



  1. Busy , busy Claire.
    I haven't even started thinking about buying school uniforms for my duo.

    By the sounds of it , your princess party is going to be fabulous.

    I need a cleaner ...Mr 18 has been home 10 weeks alone , and while it was superficially clean I am discovering it is not .

  2. There is always so much to do before we get over the line.

    Your cake making skills are gold, seriously!

    Go Popps! So cute!! It is such a big deal with the school uniform. So exciting!

  3. You must keep calling cleaners darling. And welcome to ballet!

  4. Gorgeous dresses!

    And look at Popps in her school dress! That must feel weird for you!

  5. Oh wow! I do know the feeling. We have ballet & dance concerts and a piano recital to get through. We have just had a singing concert and Miss 6's birthday party. Such a busy time of year.

    And OMG did I read right 50? :)

  6. Oh i do hope my tips have given you some basic guidence on parties, children like simple done well, bite size everything or you're just disappointed with the waste.
    So you freaked me out with the concept of a loan for children's birthday parties!! Geesh!! Who is the entertainment, Lady Gaga??
    You're still in that situation where you have to cater for the parents. If any alpha mums step up & ask if they can help pass around food or top up bowls of snacks, say that would be lovely, people love to have their token offers of help accepted in such a simple helpful way.
    Yay for school, my last baby started wearing the school jumper to PreSchool, VERY keen for school after watching his 3 sisters for so many years at school. I love it & school mums are the best, they are the same situation & just so much fun, afternoon gate therapy every day, yay!! Love Posie


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