Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I may not be able to blog for awhile

Thankfully these are not ours. Ouch!

I may still be in shock for a few days and may not be able to blog...why?

I have just taken myself and the girls to the dentist.

The good news is that we all have perfect teeth. Not a filling, nor a hole or any treatment required.

The bad news.

It just added $560 to the credit card to confirm this.

(And Imogen was seen for free).

We did however get a new toothbrush each.

Do you have toothy pegs that cost a fortune when there is nothing wrong with them?



  1. Dear God that hurts the eyes! Ouch.

    And I wasn't talking about the image.

  2. Wowsers! $560... for just you and 1 child OMG. I think I would near faint at that bill.

    I am so grateful that B's work pays for our private health insurance...

  3. OMG what a photo yuk..

    We have the school dentist for primary school kids up here $28 per child per year and all the fillings they have it cost a once of fee $28!.

    But getting wisdom teeth out cost less than your BIll!!!

  4. Just. Ouch! On so many levels ...

  5. $560 that is incredible - and yes ouch !!!
    We had private health insurance but there is still a gap to pay for some services.

  6. so expensive! I try to remind myself that paying a bit regularly for 'healthy' teeth is better than paying a fortune for bad teeth. That pic above is enough to scare anyone!

  7. And that is exactly why I am avoiding the dentist. Shhh don't tell my Dental Nurse sister. I have a little chip in my front tooth which I am considering getting fixed before the Wedding but seriously like I can afford it - I'm sure I'll need fillings too. What t do, what to do!

  8. Private Health Insurance. My 4 are $225 each to have a clean & check up, they bulk bill it between medicare & my health insurance, best $900 i don't spend every 6 months!! Also Xrays for children are free & i only play for the sealing they put on the molars so they don't get food stuck in there, about $50 a pop, sometimes that can be 5 pops though!! Love Posie


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