Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am giving up the night time nappies.

Crazy morning bed hair. 

Today is a good day. Good days come pretty easily around here. I like to celebrate the very small and think of all the positives in it.

From today I will never again be one of those people with a trolley full of Huggies Boxes because Toys R Us have them at super low prices, nor will I do a trip to Aldi to stock up on a months worth of nappies.

I will never again be aware of the latest, greatest, bestest, trendiest, snobbery inducing nappy required for babies of the day.

After six years, our trolley will be nappy free.

Immy has been dry overnight for weeks, but it was me, insisting that she wear a nappy to bed for 'just in case'. She hasn't wanted to wear them so I have bribed her with the expensive princess pictured ones, used pull ups and all the usual tricks.

Considering she woke yesterday at 5.30am because she needed to go to the toilet, and my whispering and pleading of just do it in your nappy and go back to sleep were not listened to, I am giving in. I am accepting that throwing a dry nappy in the bin is a waste of every kind.

And by giving in I accept that I may have to wash sheets more often for little accidents. But I also accept there is spare money floating around somewhere and a change table that needs to go on ebay, that bags of poo will not be filling up the wheely bin and best of all, my handbag will have so much more space.



  1. go immy.. thats the best feeling no nappies now just need no pram !

  2. I CANNOT wait for this day. Well done and enjoy!

  3. i hear you!
    going through the same thing with number 4 child- you think i would have learned by now huh....apparently not!
    finally got around to buying the waterproof mattress protector and the nappies have come off!
    enjoy the savings- more cafe money I say!

  4. Sounds fantastic!!!!! I can't wait for that day either!

  5. H Clairey

    Isn't that a lovely feeling - my little miss is dry every night and I do insist still on a pull up after she goes to sleep just for another few weeks yet.
    Yet Mr boy has a bladder problem that I currently have a referral to a paediatric urologist to see in the new year - go figure of the two extremities!

    lovely little girl of yours (like her mummy :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  6. Well done Immy! You lucky things - we are on the home stretch, cannot wait until the day i can walk out of the supermarket without nappies!

  7. Big moment. My 4 toilet trained super quick at day time, no accidents & quite young but nights, oh those heavy sleepers who i praised for allowing me unbroken sleep from 3 weeks of age, 12 hours a night, well, they could sleep through a flood!!
    Oh i missed the pram, it was my trolley. Love Posie

  8. Yay Immy! That's so exciting. I look forward to this day, too!

  9. I remember that feeling - the feeling of a blissful end of era freedom - from the nappy in the trolley. I fair skip down that aisle now - in glee!

    Well done!

  10. Oh it feels like it was yesterday. Enjoy our new found freedome from nappies :) xx

  11. Yay for Immy! We did this recently for Miss 3 and there have been a few nights where we have had little accidents and she wakes up crying 'I'm sorry Mummy!' the little petal. But the joy of being a nappy free household after six years is brilliant! :)

  12. Sounds like a nice kind of freedom to me!! I'm on the other end - about to have my first and welcome nappy kingdom to the front! x

  13. This sounds like a heavenly feeling! I cannot wait for this day to happen for me! Congratulations!

  14. Oh, well done, My daughter has been wearing undies during the day for almost a year now and she still wears nappies at night. Sometimes she'd stay dry for a few nights in a row and i get all excited, 'That's it!' and then we go back to wet...


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