Friday, July 1, 2011

When a fart is not funny.

We all know the Kindergarten yard can be a tough place to hang. What with all that sand and play dough and only one person being able to play the Mum when playing in the home corner.

It's a tough gig.

Popps has slowly settled in and had found her place in the playground hierarchy.

It may have just slipped a few notches.

Yesterday they were playing fashion shows and they needed to strut their stuff down the footpath like a model. This is not something she was too keen about and didn't really like playing. She thought she would make it more fun.

She descibed it all like this: "Well Mum, when I got to the turn, I put my bum in the air and pretended to do a big fart, the other girls said 'that's not funny, that's not fashion show stuff'. They said I couldn't play with them anymore."

"They said I wasn't allowed to play with them as I was not funny and said I was silly."

While I was proud of her for belittling their silly game I just asked what she did when they said that.

"I just did another big pretend fart to them and walked off. I told them fashion shows is a silly game anyway."

One of the girls is a definite Queen Bee character, I asked if she played with Queen Bee afterwards.

But no, apparenly her faux pas was enough to be on the 'do not play' list for the rest of the day.

Opps, looks like farts are not as funny to the rest of the world as they are at our house


  1. Good for her! I laughed at how cool she was. Indeed, the world needs more folks to fart in model shows.

  2. You go girl! that my little girl you show them that your much more fun.. Maybe our house is behind the fart is still the best laugh..

  3. Love it. Sounds like my Ellie will have some problems when she goes to kindergarten if this is how it is!
    I actually am quite surprised they play this so early!
    And, honestly, when is a fart not funny?

  4. The good things about the kinder set is that it will all be forgotten before their next day together. And yeah - when is a 'pop off' (as they're know at our house) not funny!!

  5. Popps must be immediately sent to play with my Sophie and Gabriella. They would have a heap of fun together.

    Glad Popps told them her opinion of fashion shows. Well done Mum!

  6. What a little classic - she will go far! x

  7. Well, seems they watch different fashion shows to me, because although I've not seen pretend farting, I have seen a few models trip, and in one case, step on her own gown revealing her undies!
    Farts will always be funny to me! What a star.!! :)

  8. fart jokes are ALWAYS funny ... Queen Bee has no sense of humour.

  9. Awesomeness! My kids think farts are the funniest thing ever! Good on you for raising a little anticonformist!

  10. Go Popps, you show those girls how to have fun!

  11. Oh, your girl has style. I love her! (And her attitude about the fashion show.)



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