Friday, July 1, 2011

A letter.

Dear Bum,

It is time we had a little chat. Time for you to take a really good look at yourself and your behaviour of late.

Not long ago when boobs where working double shifts around the clock, you allowed numerous amounts of sugary substance to be consumed and didn't complain at all. You remembered your rightful place and acknowledged that your goal in life was to enable legs to walk and back to remain intact.

Don't think it has gone unnoticed that you are trying to do a complete takeover, no polite merger and acquisition policy with you, slowly but surely you are taking full control.

You have started to sag and seem to want to cuddle close to knees while at the same time creep up to takeover back.

At times you seem to want to run off entirely and if it were not for the purchase of a good belt you would spill over the top of jeans in a horrid muffin top way...on the back!

It is also noted that you are getting all lazy with elasticity issues and are not stretching properly. As you are well aware this causes marks that not even magic eraser from Bunnings can address.

Enough. You really are a bum head.


Brain, on behalf of rest of body.

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  1. Have read your letter to my bum, I hope it was listening

  2. Think my brain should write to my ... in the eloquent words of Mrs Woog ... gunt.

  3. Thank you for putting in writing the conversation my brain is currently have with my boobs uurrghhh! x


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