Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy hand me downs

Passing on some kids clothes to a friend is a simple thing to do. We all pretty much pass them on if they haven't been worn out first. But sometimes we forget how much the person at the other end is happy to receive them.

I have always loved a bag of surprise clothes for the girls and tonight I got the most lovely text thanking me for a bag I sent on.

Anytime Ms E. Anytime at all.

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  1. Oh I absolutely love hand me downs, and I always pass on my kids clothes to friends. It makes me feel good:)

  2. This was a tradition in my family when we were growing up. I have lots of cousins and they would bring a box of the clothes that no longer fit and we could choose what we wanted from the 'lucky box' (as it was known).

    Even now my younger cousin sees clothes that I'm wearing and asks if she can have them when I'm finished with them.

    It's such a lovely thing to do and I loved getting them too.

  3. yes have pass on heaps of clothes to miss poppy and imogen .. kids love wearing hand me downs than new clothes!!


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