Friday, July 22, 2011

A letter to the world, again.

Hello world, Me again.

Just giving you an update on where things are at since my last letter. See a lot happens in six months when you've only been around for thirty.

I like to talk. A Lot.

My favourite thing to say is "but I love it sooo much" this makes people smile and often give me whatever I want.

round and round and round I go.

You know I love wearing dresses, but Mum she won't iron them so she buys these iron free ones, they are no good, they hardly spin and are not what a princess would wear. So I hide them under my bed, under the kitchen table and in the laundry. Hopefully Mum will stop buying them soon.

That's me and stripey blankLet.

Has anyone seen my spare blankLets. You know, the stripey ones. I like to sniff them to go to sleep and the new ones just don't smell the same. Dad has lost two old blankLets lately and even though they have my name and number on them nothing has shown up. If the last ones disappear Mum says it will be 'hell for days', not sure what she means but she is not using her happy voice when she says it. I might make a reward poster for them. I could do that with the craft glue, I really love to use glue. And textas, did you know that texta does not come off the fabric on the doors in the car? No, me either, who knew?

I am also exceptional at dancing. I got to join a class for three and four year olds, I look little compared to some of them but I love it, especially when we use our noisy shoes. The teacher calls them tap shoes, but they just go bang bang bang, with Hi 5 playing on the HighPod.

This is me having a treatment at our backyard beauty parlour.

Hey, do you guys know Dora, she has a scary fox called swiper, I don't like him, Dad says he lives in the water in rivers and dams and I shouldn't go near them. But I still haven't seen him when I have been checking out the water ways.

But you know what I really don't like? Boys. They are scary and yukky and I call them Poo. If they come to visit I have been known to try and shut them into the old rabbit hutch and lock the door, I also do this to my dog, she loves it.

Somedays I look so grown up and talk so much that you would think I was a kinder kid, then other days you can still see the baby in me, growing up fast, with a cheeky giggle, a talkative nature and dependent streak that will take me far.

Smudgy ice-cream licks and kisses to you all,


  1. Oh, she is so gorgeous :)

    I love that about this age - so independent and trying to be grown-up but still so babyish sometimes too.

  2. Dont lose the blankie , Mr J still has his .. Anything for quite time.
    Love the face paint .

  3. Love that rockin' new facial!

    Such a beautiful tribute - blogs are so wondering in the special way they preserve precious childhood moments xx

  4. What a lovely post. Just LOVE that first photo x

  5. Immmy- tell you mummy she writes very well and that was jolly cute!! Thank ...Caz

  6. Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry about the blanklets, I am sure they will turn up again soon. You look like you had lots of fun at your backyard beauty parlour! Kisses to you as well, and LOTS of ice-cream x


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