Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to do nothing.

Mr H is away at a conference, he is sunning himself in better climates than freezing cold Melbourne.

He calls regularly to chat and see how we are and sends through funny photos at the request of the Little Hueys, they don't want to see normal images, they want him to be pulling faces and making them laugh.

He keeps asking what we are up to, but you know how when you are in the middle of things it seems that you are just doing 'nothing'. So that is what he hears.

Actually we are doing a little bit more than nothing.

I have been to the gym, and the girls to creche where they made a few more glitter glue images for the fridge. They have now eaten through two bowls of fruit and I had to resort to tinned fruit this evening to keep up the supplies. We are also on to the UHT milk as I forgot I had no one to call and grab some on the way home.

We have been to the library and the park, dropped things back to the neighbours on one side and begged the retired couple on the other to walk the dog if they didn't mind taking her with them. Thankfully they seem happy to and also brought in my bins today which is a huge thing when you get home from work with two hungry kids who have been at creche all day and are begging for food, like NOW, please, we're hungry, really hungry...

We have read books, lots of them, had concerts complete with tap shoes and may have some dents in the kitchen floors. We videoed the concerts and then spent hours looking at photo albums, a good reminder that if we are robbed and they take our photo albums they may think we have only had one child.

There has been making of pancakes and refusals from the littlest Huey to eat breakfast now that Mr H has introduced her to Coco Pops and Mumma refuses to buy them again.

There have been cranky pants worn by all of us at one time or another and lots of happy moments.

And there has been wearing of coats at all times and tonight as the temperature falls again the heating may even be left on.

What have you been doing while you are doing 'nothing'?



  1. It's just life!
    Although this week has been busier than normal moving my Dad into his new house whilst he has been in hospital, cleaning the old house and then settling him in to his new house when he came home.
    Today kids are at school and daycare so I have the day to do those 'routine' activities like cleaning, shopping, and I suppose some work!

  2. I've been falling in love with cooking. Spending lots of time at the grocery store and in the kitchen when I'm not at work.

  3. Lol, we do 'nothing' every day. Today it was immunisations for littlie, then shopping for ingredients for biscuits, home for lunch, wandered off to the park, found treasure on the way, toddler on the swing for half an hour (such a swing hog...), then off to skate park to watch big boys on bmx bikes, wandered home again, too late to make biscuits because time to cook dinner. Another 'nothing' day... But so much better with such glorious sun!!

  4. My day is often filled with nothings and then suddenly there are a million somethings left to do! I don't understand it at all. You've inspired me and I hope you don't mind next week if I use your idea and write letters to my family while I'm away next week on my blog. I am going to miss them more than I can say.

  5. Love this! Yes, I'm so busy doing nothing that the day just flies by! And having no hubby is good, but hard. My husband is away a lot (4 months a year), and so I've learnt to enjoy taking it easy when he's not here. xx


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