Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

We have been busy.

There was gymnastics and gym crèche and food shopping.

There was a little bit of Telly watching.

And some face painting and playing with Mums phone. This one is a spider I painted.

I played some hop scotch in the sun, really it is true, it was sunny.

Immy asked about you a lot and kept trying to send you kisses on the phone.

There was some reading.

And Mum has been trying to get Immy to sleep for ages but is not having much luck.

See check this out Immy is being a character and Mum just looks over it all.

I miss you,

Love Popps xxxxxxoooooxxxxx


  1. Sweet, I bet there's lots of "missing" going on all 'round. x

  2. My god I miss all my girls!!!!!!! Home soon to do the dishes , get face painted, give massive kisses and be happy yet again!!

  3. That last photo is beautiful.

  4. I know that look! And I love those lips!

    (How sweet that your husbie left a comment up there... at least, I hope that's him!!!)



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