Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be careful what you don't wish for.

I used to wish that if I could have my time again I might have a different career.

I wished for one of two other options to come true. Something that I expect would have been a little more exciting, fulfilling and also pay the bills. First on the list I wanted to be a back up dancer for Tina Turner, touring the world while I danced on stage every night. Failing that I was happy to be a travel journalist, preferably on Getaway, trying out great places, meeting new people and seeing the world and then sharing it with everyone else so they too got to hear about the rest of the world.

Well, my dream has come true.

I am going to be a back up dancer for Tina Turner!!

Not really. She still has standards that I can't shake to.

Nor am I about to join the cast of Getaway, or even Postcards.

But I am traveling to a new place and trying out a new hotel. I am off to Walhalla (or as some more well travelled workies pronunce it 'Val Ha La' .

I will be traveling with some other bloggers, to try out a hotel and the surrounding area. To check out the local scenery and trial a section of Victoria I am yet to visit and then I have been asked to tell you what I think of it.

I have no idea what to expect or how I will go leaving the kids (pretty sure I am all good with that though). My fellow travellers are all other Mums all looking forward to a restful break in a pretty place.

We will be heading to the Star Hotel.

Have you been there? Do you know where Walhalla is? Have you been to the festival of the lights?

I am expecting that I might need my slippers, which I will wear while I sit by the fire and read a book, fine wine by my side.

And maybe go to bed dreaming of when I get to be dancing with Tina.

I will be traveling, staying and relaxing thanks to Brand Meets Blog and the Star Hotel.


  1. I do know Walhalla, in fact, I live within a stone's throw. Actually not that close, but close enough that when we want to go somewhere absolutely beautiful, scenic and breathtaking, that is where we head to. I hope you have a wonderful time and rug up, it's cold in them thar hills! x

  2. I've not heard of Walhalla, but it does sound lovely! Enjoy x

  3. Oh, wow! You lucky thing! So jealous, I am! You must tell me your secrets, oh wise one...

    I love Walhalla, haven't been there in over 20 years, but it is a beautiful spot, lots of cute cottages clinging to river banks and mountains.

    And yes, it is cold, very cold at this time of year...

    Have a blast! And do tell me how you scored that opportunity...

  4. who needs getaway!? you're a travelling reporter on your way to Walhalla! Can't wait to hear about it.

  5. Good on you! I'll watch out for your "review". We need to go somewhere nice soonish...

  6. I would happily share a stage with you dancing ... oh that's right we already did. Enjoy. This sound more fun.

  7. I remember you dancing on a stage... you were way better than Tina's back up dancers! Although I do recall large amounts of alcohol being involved... XX

  8. Ahhh, lucky you Claire! I have wanted to go to Walhalla since, well since I first heard about the place just a few years ago..

    Can't wait to hear about your new job too....!! For a split second I thought you really did score a job on post cards!

  9. So it is going to be cold, we could drop in to Christie on the way past and maybe play Tina Turner all the way there in the car.

    Sounds like this is one lovely scenic town. I may have to actually get some walking shoes to check the place out properly.

    Or drinking shoes, may be a winery in the vacinty.

  10. Definitely a Getaway gig in the making! I bet you have the best time ever! Kids? What kids? x

  11. Awesome!! Have a great time - looks lovely . Look forward to reading all about it soon :)

  12. How fabulous!

    Enjoy yourself, lovely. I wonder what will be on the

  13. Oh my, you have won yourself a PR jackpot there - sounds heavenly!

    Enjoy - cant wait to hear all about it!

  14. Good on you Clairey H: I had chest pain once when I went to a Simon & Garfunkle concert and danced with my incredible daughter: I ended up having open heart surgery, but like you am now following my dreams (albeit a few years later than you). So, my wish for you is to feast on all the experiences that this life gives you, and revel in your new adventure.

  15. My memories of it is that it is really gorgeous. And we camped. And it was fuhhhhreeeezing. And so far to get there. It felt really isolated. But gorgeous. Really, really gorgeous. Have fun! xx


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