Monday, July 18, 2011

Marketing stuff always thrills me

When I see a nifty little marketing gimmick doing great work it still thrills me.

Easily pleased I know!

This popped in to my email box today. A custom made patch asking for my support for jeans for genes day.

I have always supported the Children's Medical Research Institute. Cures are just one of those things that are out there, we just have to find them.

Check out their Facebook page for more ways to get involved this year and to make your own little patch.

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  1. I love the clever stuff too... creativity always inspires. But it's so rare! It's the rest of the stuff that bothers me greatly. Too much, I think. Probably 'cos I'm in the industry! x

  2. I got one too! Pretty cool hey? I love it. :)

  3. Marketing for good not evil, I like. Its the evil consumer driven crap I hate with a passion... not yours of course... ;-)



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