Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Grown Up Check list

I think I have just taken the final step to confirm I am a 'Grown Up'.

But first let us tick off the essential items from the "I am now an official Grown Up list"

1) Grown ups don't drink Passion pop or spew-mante or west coast coolers.

2) A grown up does not smother themselves with Coconut Reef Oil and lie at Bells Beach for eight hours when it is 42 degrees.

3) Grown ups will not line up to get into a club, pub or restaurant at 2 am wearing hot pants and a halter neck top while it is -2 degrees.

4) Grown ups don't wear ripped jeans a with a t-shirt that says "Wanna see my HOOTERS" written across it to casual day at work. (unless you work at Hooters of course!)

5) Grown ups know what a tomato plant looks like.

6) Grown ups don't share a house with 15 Pommie back packers who steal your food, or live in a house where you have to mark the shampoo bottle to discourage your house mates from using your stuff.

7) Grown ups remember if they have pets.

8) Grown ups have an iron, a food processor and possibly a bread maker, the items will generally be shiny from lack of use, but still possessed by the grown up.

9) Grown up woman accept that they are not going to live the life of a Sex and the City cast member. You will never be Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda.

and lastly, what I have agreed to:

10) A person is only considered a complete grown up when they accept to host a family Christmas.

At their own place.

With real crockery, cutlery and homemade food.

For more than 10 people.

I might not make it to the other side, but Christmas Day 2010 the Babble House will be full of Christmas craziness Spirit.

Are you a grown up?



  1. Love this post. Very funny and very cute. I'm officially a grown up. I've had Christmas at my place for the last three Christmases. But my stepdaughter declared it's not the same as at Grandma's. So, guess where we're going back to this year? (Plus Grandma is delighted she had three years off!)

  2. Woo I'm a grown up. Don't feel like one though.

    Good luck with Christmas... I hope you have a dishwasher :)

  3. The only one I Can tick off is #5 hahaha

  4. Gosh, I've been a grown up for a very long time... Kinda sad, really... I don't wanna be a grown up...! Waaaah!

  5. LOL
    I've been a grown up for too long ...great list.

  6. ah yes, growing up has pluses and minuses, mostly pluses, I'd say.

  7. I must agree that hot pants don't do well in cold weather.

  8. but Passion Pop is still cheap, nasty and has that smell to it. I don't want to grow up if I can't drink it again LOL and legally at that ;)

    Good luck with Christmas. We are all still in denial here as to where it will be this year. Given that there is 6 of us here already, another 4 doesn't make much of a difference these days.

  9. Darling, I think we both know the answer to that one.

    Good luck hosting Xmas! Think of the blog fodder yhou will get out of it. xox

  10. I love this post and I'm not sure whether I'm happy or sad that I'm a grown up LOL - right down to number 10. Yep, I'm due on christmas day AND hosting christmas lunch for over 10 people, and making most of the food myself!
    Here's to both of us getting through the day x

  11. Best of Luck - just remember to defrost the turkey! ;)

    Actually, I've never had to make Christmas dinner ever, never mind for the extended family, so I think I'd be very scared to "grow up" Thank goodness we have a very large family and a house too small to fit everyone in :)

  12. Sigh. I think I'm a grown up. Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro today. :-)

  13. Damn, I was almost there and then I saw #4. I do that all the time... x

  14. I was doing so well until I got to 10. I did host once but the crockery was from the local op-shop and I am pretty sure there was not table cloth involved. We did have an American, a pom and a turban wearing Indian at the table all very amused by our family's Christmas traditions and a wonderful day. Does that count??? Visitng from the Fibro.

  15. Yaaay, I don't own a break maker and have never (and will never) host a Christmas dinner for 10 people :D Woohoo, I feel so much less grown up now despite having 3 children. Thanks for the giggle. Jen

  16. Well thank goodness for that, I am 35yrs old with 2 boys under 5 and I am not yet grown up because...

    I don't have a bread maker, have not thankfully hosted a family Christmas (and shudder at the very thought of everything that it involves!) and most definitely think that I am a 'silent' Sex in the City member!

    Thanks for the giggle xx

  17. So, I've been mostly grown up my whole life, clinching it with a #10 myself last year! How boring of me!


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