Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daddy day care is coming.

The silly season is literally banging down our door.

Mr H is about to start four weeks leave. I suggested to my work that I could do more hours and for the next few weeks I will be working three or four days a week.

This shouldn't be such a big deal, but as I try to organise us all for the next month I've realised, I am way too busy to work! I have to reschedule my hair appointment, carefully planned and booked in eight weeks ago. I expect I need to get Aussie Farmers on board to ensure we have something that is not from a packet at snack time.

As we are hosting Christmas I would like to have considered doing a couple of things, like cleaning out the fridge of all the mystery jars (does anyone else have a shelf or two filled with condiment jars?)to make way for more gourmet options, special cheeses and treats that we can indulge in to celebrate christmas together.

I have the gazillion presents to buy and wrap and two little girls birthdays to organise.

Plus, the girls are coming out of crèche for six weeks (hello instant pay rise!)and I have to put all my faith in Mr H to remember the suncream, the water bottles, the hats, the nappy bag, the schedule and the kids. Mr H is a great Dad, when I first returned to work he was Daddy day care for Popps for two days a week. But he does things his own way, he doesn't stick to the schedule and one day can be filled with swimming, the zoo, and a play centre all in the one day, a giant donut king milkshake for lunch.

He is refusing to provide daily itineraries!

So next week we will become a nut house, a frenzy of activity organising for christmas, working, shopping, cooking, playing.

And amongst all that I will have a weekend away...can't wait to tell you all about it.


  1. wow, Claire, some "interesting" times coming your way, no doubt! Will be interested to see how it all works out for you...

    I left the two boys with their dad for 2 hours on Tuesday afternoon so I could grab lunch with a friend...I came home to a house even more upside down than usual, the boys tearing about the house and one exhausted Dad, who promptly "quit" being a dad...

    Thank god he was joking...Well, lets just say, if he knows whats good for him, he better have been joking...

    Your SS sounds a little more experienced in this department! Good luck!

  2. let ss do what he thinks is right! they will all cope well, when at work dont worry about it..the girls will be fine,

  3. Mr. Kypo is a stay at home daddy during the day while I work.
    He is great at it. A little more care free than I would be regarding house work. I wouldn't change it though. X

  4. GOOD LUCK - one day all these daddys that do things their way might just realise why routine is a good thing....

    I'm constantly saying "please, work with me, not against me!"

    never happens....... oh well

  5. I :heart: daddy day care :)

    Last Sunday I took my girls out to visit friends and let husband have some time at home alone. He cleaned the entire house while we were out and then thanked *me* for letting him have alone time. So very very awesome. No way would I have been house cleaning should the situation had been reversed.

  6. Sounds crazy busy!
    I love the idea of Daddy day care... wonder if I can swing a day or two with my hubby ;)

  7. You are wise to start looking at how you can make this work better. XD


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