Saturday, November 6, 2010

a lot can happen in six years....

and they are still the best roses I ever did see.

This was me six years ago today.

The day SS and I got married.

Alot has happened since then, but it has all been great stuff.

Today we wont actually see much of each other at all.

To celebrate six years, the item is Iron. We decided to skip that one and pick something ourselves. He chose pampering and got me an afternoon at a dayspa, knowing that I would love it to bits.

I do.

I chose pampering for him too - I bought him a blu-ray DVD player, it is his kind of heaven. He loves it, a little too much!

Happy Anniversary SS.
Love Me. xx


  1. Happy anniversary! We're coming up to eight years in a couple of months - it still feels like it was just a few months ago!

  2. Happy anniversary , you looked gorgeous .
    You will love the day spa ....what a great gift.

  3. Aaaaaargh a dayspa, go you good thing! What a beautifully thoughtful gift. Oh and the blu-ray dvd player too, yada-yada ;P

    Congratulations on your milestone. You looked utterly gorgeous on your big day.

  4. that means l was preggies with Jonty at this day for your 24 weeks..thank god you didnt put the photo on!!

    Have a great day..your big sis

  5. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photo of you on your big day :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Time just flys hey!

  7. Aw, great choice of gifts for each other! What a beautiful bride and photo. Time does fly, we'll be married 6 years next Feb. Wow.


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