Monday, November 15, 2010

The Filthy Car.

I am not sure when it happens but I think people have been sneaking their rubbish into our car, it is also possible some filthy rodent critter lives in there.

 this is not our car, but feel free to decorate it like this if you see it.

You can barely see the floor, the car seats are full of crumbs and sultanas, those trendy new drink holders are full of dirty tissues with rotten flowers. The windows have been smeared with god knows what. Special treasures that just MUST be kept sneak in and never leave, sticks, dead insects, balloons that have popped, lolly wrappers, socks that get pulled off and thrown under seats.

The car is foul, it stinks, I want a new one.

And that's just the inside.

I have been silently asking SS to address this issue for six months. Not wanting to nag about it, I have only suggested once that perhaps he could clean the car. But the poor old car has not seen a drop of water that didn't splash out of a sippy cup.

Yesterday I was sneaking off to the local shrine for shopping and couldn't stand it anymore. Being a bit of a feminist, it was time to just do the job myself.

So I snuck into one of those car wash parks, where you leave the car, shop and return to cleanliness.

I hardly recognised the beast on my return, so sparkly and fresh, I handed over an arm and leg to the cleaners, jumped in, soaked up that taxi smell deodorant stench and was oh so glad to be able to see out the windscreen.

SS was not happy, he asked if I thought we were made of money, how could I be so wasteful to pay someone else for what he could so easily have done himself!

Like he hadn't had enough notice.

But one drive where the pedals didn't get jammed because there was an empty drink container rolled in behind the accelerator, and his attitude changed, we don't need a new car, just a clean one.

Is it just my kids, or do other people seem to have furry things living in their cars? Please say you do.



  1. Sorry, but if I leave one tissue in the car my hubby gets so mad. It's enough to make me keep it clean! At least you have proven your point. And I bet it does feel brand new, for a fraction of the price!

  2. I don't have a car and hubby's car is a work car so has to be kept relatively clean (although there are a few sultanas and bits and pieces the girls leave in there), but I know what you mean. My mum's car was always like this.
    And I love that photo!

  3. Yeah! How come the cup holders always have dirty tissues and rotten flowers in them?? I feel your pain. That's all I'm saying. And you gave ample warning/time - your solution seems perfect to me.

  4. I share your story.I often have to dig up coins just so I can take the car to the wash & get that "professional" clean.

  5. recently we folded back the seats in the Mazda so we could put a large object of furniture in htere and distubed a massive colony of nature that had existed on 4 years od squished sambos nad deas sultanas. And I almost spewed. I hear your pain. Go the car cleaners xox

  6. How much can I relate to this post? Just this week I hunted down the vacuum cleaner, the extension cord and the windex. The car was FERAL. (Renovating a house or two can do that.) So I cleaned the car myself. And then I cleaned HIS car. Yep, feminism is rife in this house. Before you know it, I'll be mowing the lawn too. (Did do the hand wash car cleaner thing at a shopping centre a year ago. It cost $130! Gulp.) So, back to DIY.

  7. I am hearin ya LOUD and clear, everytime I get out of my little car there is a foreign object on the bottom of my foot, which might I say, was definately NOT there when I got into it, and yes it is usually held firmly in place with a sultana!

  8. I just read your post to my husband. We only have one car and it is exactly like you describe yours - but it's only filthy in the back seat. The socks, the hats, the sticks and bits of burst balloon. The sultanas, the cracker crumbs, the drink bottles, the artwork from preschool - I relate.

  9. I'm pretty much the only one who drives my car except when company comes. My husband never eats in his truck and he never brings things in. He keeps it in the garage and mostly it is pristine.

    I would not recognize my car if it didn't have coffee stains in it. How does sand from the beach get in there so much? I rinse my feet off before I leave the beach.
    I need to clean my car before Christmas company, but not too soon so it doesn't get messed up again. XD

  10. Oh yes, I'm with you! Ours has all kinds of revolting bits and bobs hanging round it and I am the only one who seems to get fed up with it. The worst was the other week when I discovered that the foul smell that had developed in it actually was spilt formula milk down the back of the car seat that had soured and become encrusted. Blech.


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