Friday, November 19, 2010

If you like dogs you will love this.

Remember I told you all about this years must have Christmas back here if you forgot. It's The Search for Santa Paws.

While Popps couldn't watch it at the time, we happened to go to a market the next week and the Disney promo team had the most gorgeous Santa Paws puppy there for the kids to pat and say hello to. Those that know me also know I am not a big animal lover, but this dog was the kind that even I would consider letting step inside.

It was beautiful.

Popps is now convinced she has met Santa's puppy, and she wants to watch just the end of the movie where it might be happy (of course it is).

You can also get your hands on a copy of this DVD by winning one right here.

Tell me, does the idea of having a dog sleep in/on/within 50metres of your bed freak you out, or have you convinced yourself it is normal?
You also need to be a follower of this blog to be in the running.

This will run till Wednesay 24 November. Winner will be picked by SS, we will call him Secret Santa for this week, cos he is more exciting than If it makes him laugh like Santa, it will be a winner.

This will have to be for happy little vegemites in Australia only, it may not play on international electronics.

NOVEMBER 24 2010

Added to this post....

Secret Santa has made his decision, anyone who has the bad luck to have a ferret on their member deserves a prize. He also liked how much it freaked me out that someone would actually allow a rat in their bed...Jasmine, you win, don't ever visit here though, I have a rat bait box in the shed for just in case! True Dinks


  1. Yes it would freak me out...unless it is made of fluff & stuff.

    I love dogs 'outside' but not in my bed.

    I would love to win this boys love dog movies.They adore an old full lenth movie version of Lassie ...but I am over it.

  2. We've always been an animal household, so I'm totally down for it. I've had cats, border collies, German shepherds, rats (pet ones!) and ferrets in my bed. And a long time ago, I even had a chicken.

    This isn't a dog ha-ha, it's a ferret one, and I don't mind if you have to discount this entry because I'm not talking about a dog! But ... my sister's ferrets, being ferrets, liked to burrow. And not always from the top of the bed: you'd be sound asleep and wake up to feel this tugging at the end of the bed, because they'd be untucking the sheets and crawling up the end of the bed. You then had to be really still, because if they got into the bed and saw your feet moving, they'd pounce and attack (and had really sharp teeth). Just ferret instincts.

    When I was 21, I had this boyfriend, Adam. We're butt naked in bed one night, and I feel something fuzzy brush past my toes. It slowly moves up our legs, and I'm like, "Adam, do NOT move", but he doesn't get it, and he starts trying to push this ferret away with his legs ... and then the ferret pounced. On the one place he'd left vulnerable and exposed while trying to nudge the ferret away.

    After that we tended to just go back to his place rather than mine.

  3. I certainly do not think it is normal HOWEVER my two King Charles spaniels not only sleep in the bed, they sleep right underneath the covers!

    If I ever go to bed late usually one of them is in my spot and growls at me when I try to move them!

    The alternative to them sleeping in our bed is having them cry all night long or scratching at the bedroom door so unfortunately I just put up with it even if I do wake up with them sleeping on top of my head when I wake up!

  4. I've always thought I was a dog person (we used to have a couple) but I don't think I'd like a dog on my bed. My thoughts would be going... gee when did they last poop, and is there any left that's hanging around their butt, that's now on my pillow. or my duvet. Euwww no. That is a supercute puppy though. Strangely enough, with cats, my thoughts just don't go there!

  5. Our dog does unfortunately sleep a few metres from our bed. Only because our house is small, and he needs to sleep inside, lest he drive us all insane with his ridiculous yapping. Small dog syndrome *sigh*

  6. I grew up in Scotland and I never knew anyone who left their pets outside. It was quite a shock coming here and finding animals left outside and I've found it really hard to comprehend the disgust some people feel at animals indoors. But I do understand that our backgrounds are different. In saying that I'm a "pets are part of the family" girl and that includes sleeping on the bed (or in it as the case may be). My cat curls up against my feet and often gives me the hurry up to come to bed. I love it.

    I used to feel a bit guilty though - when I was a kid, I always encouraged our dog to jump under the covers with me when it was cold - he was a big dog and made the best hot water bottle! Unfortunately, half way through the night I'd usually feel too warm and kick the poor thing out again. He was a great dog and very forgiving! :)

  7. When we have a dog or my parents dog comes to say they are always welcome inside, they most comfortable being near by someone knowing someone is there but in our new house the dog does have to stay downstairs as we have new polished wood floors which at this stage can't afford to get scratched but dogs have always been part of our family and lived with us in the house, but in bed, no, as everything gets to dirty to quickly and I have enough cleaning to do when running around after the kids :)


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