Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heading to the track.

I have too many friends that really are single and do everything on their own to say that I know how they feel to be a single parent, but when your other half is working crazy hours and you are not seeing much of them, heading out to an event with the kids can get a bit overwhelming. Generally, I just hang out at home instead.

I find adult outings with kids often to be full of anxiety and I stress about the event for days beforehand, but the choice this weekend is to either sit home on our own again or to get myself sorted, polished, prepared and ready and head to the races at flemington.

Today the three of us bought me a new dress, perfect for pushing the double pram that will also go ok with flat shoes and should deal with any snot or food stains that get rubbed on me during the day. It covers the lumpy bits as well as possible and won't show if I am wearing my big knickers or not every time I have to bend to pick up Immy, the runaway one year old.
This is how I will feel on the way there.

I will have to pack the lunch, the picnic blanket, suncream, nappy bag, cardigans in case it gets cold, water bottles, lip gloss, snuggle rug, phone,sunglasses, hats, money. Get into the car, and as driving in there is nearly impossible we will have to walk for miles to get there, I doubt I can get the whole shebang on the tram.

Kinda sounds crazy to even go, lady in the shop today tells me I should really get my neighbours to drive me....mmmm, not sure if that is their idea of fun, packing us up and taxi driving us about.

But, we will be there with bells on, the girls will run around and love the horses, I will pay $78 for two sausages in bread, the girls will lick the sauce off and I will eat the left overs. I will have a single glass of champers, eat strawberries and chips and dips and cheeses melting in the sun.

I will probably lose my hat.

At the end of the day I will strap the girls in the pram, some thongs on my feet and push that pram homewards.

On Sunday, Mr H is home. All day!


  1. Ooooh! Although it's a lot of work, it sounds like great fun!

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  3. OMG dont go, couldnt think of anything worse ! May be a lunch date with a friend sounds better.. or a off to the local pub for a nice lunch!!.. I couldnt go to the races with kids and have fun , been there done that never ends up happy always ends in tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Since having little M I have a new found appreciation for packing to go anywhere! So much for carry on luggage!

    Anyway, have a great time at the races, bet you will look fab and won't lose your hat or any children.

    My bet is on SS being in charge of kids on Sunday!

  5. My 'thing' with Eduardo is that I don't go to things that I'd be genuinely disappointed to leave if his behaviour deemed it necessary.

    For example we've got a family pass to the zoo, and we live reasonably close ... so if we go to the zoo and he starts getting stroppy after half an hour, I've got not problem going home.

    It's the same if we're just at the playground - he gets stroppy, fine, we go home, no loss.

    Taking him to the cinemas is a little more dicey ... I'd always avoided this because I had a feeling it'd just end in trouble and didn't want to be either out of pocket if we had to leave halfway, or have to miss out on half the movie (and waiting another six months to see the end!).

    I don't know your kids but if there's plenty of grass for them to run around on and lots of food to enjoy ... you should be alright! Take a disposable camera and get them to take photos of pretty dresses?!

  6. I love the idea of the cameras Jasmine, and another friend has just offered her carpark pass close to the racetrack, it is all looking ok...for now.

    But if it rains, we are staying home.

  7. It does sound fun. I hope the weather and the crowds are kind to you.

  8. what a brave mother you are - I love the part where you write - kinda sounds crazy to even go - I think that is a sure sign - yep! crazy to go and try but I love your determination to do what you want to do too! it still amazes me just how much stuff little kids need to survive through a day! Hope everything worked out and you get a rest when Babble Dad gets home :) Naomi x

  9. Good on you. I know how hard it can be, but sometimes it just has to be done. Ad all those adventures make for funny little stories eventually ;) xoxo

  10. It's hard work going anywhere these days, but sometimes you just have to and it is well worth it. Hope you had a blast.

    PS. found you via weekend rewind at the Fibro :)

  11. I hope you went and I hope you had a fantastic time.

    Hi via The Fibro

  12. I feel a knot in my stomach just identifying with you. Did you need some type of mummy's little helper prior to walking out the door?

    I think to preserve ones sanity in a weird type of way these events are necessary.

    Thanks for the opportunity to read your blog (via the Fibro).

  13. I'm so impressed that you even PLANNED to go, let alone got there. Good job.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  14. I've taken my boys to a few things on my own are brave and such a fun mum :). Though often it isn't as fun as the lead up.
    I take everything too my husband hates getting ready.
    (here via the Fibro too)

  15. Isn't motherhood FUN ! It gets easier, trust me.
    Happy Mothers Day tomorrow

  16. Isn't motherhood FUN ! It gets easier, trust me.
    Happy Mothers Day tomorrow

  17. Hope that you all had a splendiferous day. I adore that photo of the overloaded donkey - something every mum can relate too. Too funny!

  18. oh goodness, my heart goes out to you!! I know just how you (and that donkey) feels! And yes, I agree, sometimes it is like single parenting, but then :-)
    Hope you got there in one piece, had fun, didn't get too much sauce or snot on your dress, kept your knickers covered, and no one got bitten by the ponies!!!

  19. Need a post event update Clairey. How did it turn out. Hope you had a lovely mother's day today. x


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