Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Helping out a new Mum

One of my bloggy friends has just given birth to her new son Jasper. To ensure her blog was not left blank for a few weeks while she gets used to life with three small children Becky put out the call asking for others to send in a story relating to birth, labour and newborns. See, if you are organised you can get all the help you need!

Today she is featuring a post from meeeeee.

But don't panic, I didn't gross you all out with stories of how Popps and Immy arrived in the world, just left a few tips that might be handy for anyone who has a bun in oven.

And as I love pictures of newborns, here is one I found from Iris Creations Photography, check them out to get your fix of cuteness, but not if you are in any way clucky.

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  1. that photo is too cute! I'm going to read your post now...


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