Monday, November 8, 2010

If I could have one helper

My limited experience of having a cleaner leaves me with mixed feelings about having another one. The stress of cleaning for the cleaner, the stress of seeing the place go from perfect then back to normal so soon after the cleaner has left.

Instead, I think I need a shopper. Not just a Coles online thing, but someone who decides our meals for the week and shops for all the ingredients then leaves the receipes in a neat orderly pile in the kitchen for me to follow.

A meal planner shopping assistant.

Allowing me to never have to cook a pasta bake again, or quiche Lorraine without the bacon cos I forgot the essential ingredient. So I never have to push a wonky trolley loaded with two kids, or to fumble with the stupid coin return thing that never gives your money back.

If I could have a home helper, this is what I would pick.

But I can't, so I shan't. And now must go and attempt to make another bare pantry inspired meal.

And you, would a cleaner be the answer, a chef, a nanny, if you had the option what kind of home helper would you pick?


  1. A mealplanner would be great, set the menu and leave the food and should be right! Have tryed to do this myself but never works!! with daylight saving meal time become a pain as famer husband doesnt get inside to dark for meals and kids are off there head as never anythinng to eat inthe house , l like to have tea at about 6,30pm every night but sometimes just doesnt work!!! that god for the 5pm wine.

  2. A chef who does the dishes. All I'd ask for is dinners - I can cope with breakfast and lunch, but at the end of the day when the 'main meal' comes around, I so often can't be arsed ... which is when we end up eating cheese on toast or going down the street and grabbing take away or roast chooks from Woolies.

    So a dishwashing chef who prepares healthy, nutritious dinners that appeal to kids as well as adults.

  3. Great idea! I took a break from meal planning this week, but it's gone a bit haywire. Hubby did it instead - and it's filled with things like 'snags and spuds', 'curry' and 'out' (that was to fill the last spot - we're not going out though!). And the shopping list was written with useless notes like 'curry stuff'.

    So I think there's still a meal planning position vacant in this household!!

  4. wow, am surprised people will prefer meal planners over cleaners. i do too! thinking of what to whip up for dinner is surely one of the most dreadful tasks out there.

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  6. Looks like there is a career out there for people who want to grocery shop....

  7. I have contemplated a cleaner before but my worry about having the house clean enough for the cleaner to come and clean it has always put me off.
    I think a meal planner would be great. Especially if the also shopped and then cooked the meals... ;)

  8. This is such a brilliant idea! I can't believe nobody's thought of it! How great would it be? We need a website that lists all the groceries you need (and quantities) and then corresponding recipes you can print out. Man, it would make life so much easier!

  9. Without a doubt a cleaner ...
    I enjoy grocery shopping I do ...though less with the kids in tow.

  10. I think meal planner/shopper is a great idea. I don't mind doing the cooking but the thinking is the killer. I had a cleaner once and didn't like it either, not that I like doing bathroom etc much either!

  11. If I can't have someone to cook the actual meals, i'd seriously just love for someone to work out what to cook, do me up the list so that I can then do the shopping (which I don't mind doing either).

    That and I want someone to come in daily and clean the toilets. Ugghh I hate cleaning toilets and with 3 little boys, its something that has to be done often.


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