Saturday, April 20, 2013

What I do with the kids artwork.

Kids drawings are so fun. When your child first starts drawing you try and keep so many bits of paper and 'art work'. Then soon enough you take a few secret trips to the big wheely bin outside. Every Mum soon learns that artwork that goes in the bin inside might be pulled back out again by an eager artist who REALLY LOVES THIS ONE.

I use big pieces of kinder paintings for wrapping paper, some special pieces get made into birthday cards and some make it to a folder with plastic pockets - one folder per year. 

Others I just take a photo of and if you do a photobook with your family photos it is fun to add in a few artwork photos too. 

I think T-Rex in leopard print undies will be in the next photobook I make up.

What other things do you do with your artwork?


  1. I scan some of their artwork and use it as either wallpaper or screensavers on my PC. I use a random selection so sometimes we are surprised with really old pics of cats with four legs and two arms!!

  2. That's a great idea to take photo's! I have an archive box for each year and each daughter has a folder inside for art work, ribbons won, certificates, school reports etc. But...I really need to go through it and sort it out as there are about 50 paintings and artworks sitting on top from Miss 4's kinder this year!!

  3. Wonderful ideas! My kids are as old as you LOL but still, every Christmas a big Christmas tree painting by a pre schooler finds its way to the mantel...framed and everything. I have 1 or 2 from each that stay on the wall. It will overwhelm you if you let it. :)

  4. Oh gosh that picture is too funny!
    I like the photobook idea. Right now I'm bad mummy and just chuck out most of the artwork and only keep the good ones

  5. I've been thinking of the same thing. We use artwork as wrapping paper, but my kids won't let go. They don't like to share their artwork with the bin, with their friends, with gifts. Nothing.

    So, these days I'm sneaky. I'm not proud of it, it just has to be. Because we're short on space around here. And photographing them, putting them in a separate folder and keeping it for that photobook is the only alternative. The best one too! Love that dinosaur in his undies. Frameworthy even!

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  7. Love the T-Rex in leopard print! I use artwork as wrapping paper too, but some things I have to hold onto. The photobook is a great idea.

  8. T-Rex in leopard print deserves a comment all of its own! That is one amazing picture. Secretly I'm kinda sad my kids don't draw like this...They aren't really into art so much so we don't have all that much but it's still in piles. I'll go through it one day!


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