Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Official: I am Average

According to those highly intelligent and very exciting people to sit next to at a dinner party - the statisticians - I am officially average.

Woman - check
Mother - check
Of Two children - check
Lives in Melbourne or Sydney suburbs - check
Has a mortgage on a house - check
Aged 37 - check.
Sales Assistant - not quite, but I work in Marketing so it is close.

And this is what Ms Average looks like - (that's me in the navy) Nami who is beside me is also a mother of two and happens to have her own blog, and runs a photography business, and a home based sales business...that lady is busy, so maybe she is far from average cos she is amazing...)

Interesting that the people over at found this lovely woman to be average.

She is rather pretty, yes?

So I guess it is beside the point that she isn't actually 37, that she is NOT a mum, and she has a mortgage on a Unit, not a house...but hey, she looks good.

Average has always been considered such a mediocre place to be. I am not sure if I am all that happy to be average. But it is what it is.

Anyone else out there as average as me? Do you think could have looked harder for Ms Average?


  1. hahaha they probably didnt need to look harder, Ms average was probably sitting right in front of them and they looked straight past her. Oh how the media disapoints.
    Not Ms Average yet, but at only 22 years old I have plenty of time to become her :)

  2. No - I'm less average than you. I'm 42. One my favorite pieces of wisdom is "everyone wants to be normal but no one wants to be average".

  3. Are you kidding? I LOVE being average! It's fabulous. You don't need to go to a special school, have special needs, need a special diet, or a special place to work. You're not well known for being either brilliant, an actress or politician or for making porn (yes, I'm thinking of you Kim!).

    Yep. Average is my kind of wonderful. xx

  4. I miss a few ticks on your list to be average...... dont want to be average anyway

  5. Gee I wish I looked as average as her.


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