Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dot points and lists

The long weekend is officially over.

I know this because my laundry told me so, but there was quite a bit that happened during the past week.

When time is short, lists and dot points are ALWAYS good. This is actually a trick I use for work too. Have you any idea how hard it is to get professional people like doctors and lawyers and finance types to stop work and write some information for you about what they do. IMPOSSIBLE! If you work in Marketing, here is my hot tip - Tell them you want them to write in dot points. Busy people can do dot points really quickly. Doctors can do dot points between patients, lawyers do dot points on a sticky note.

And marketing people do dot points on blogs.

In no particular order, over the last week I have:

- Been stung by one bee
- Used one enormous power tool and may have blown half the garden through my Mum's kitchen window
- Eaten 4 kgs of chocolate
- NOT drunk a single glass of Baileys even though I intended too.
- Attended one 8 year old party
- Had two physio treatments and joined the "Dodgy Backs Inc" Pilates class
- Lost two drink bottles
- Found one drink bottle at the physio
- Driven through two national parks
- Woken up to the sound of Kookaburras and Kangaroo poo in the garden.
- Cried once
- Published NINE blog posts in one day
- Eaten two green cupcakes for morning tea
- Read a Donna Hay magazine - not for the articles because there are none, just for the pictures.

How about you? Got a dot points list from the weekend?


  1. - you have been busy
    - I am also a fan of dot points
    - but some dot points require further explanation, such as:
    - eight year old party - who and was it fun?
    - Why did you not drink the Baileys? That's not right
    - Why did you cry?
    - also, green cupcakes do not sound delicious.
    - much love
    - Maxabella
    - x

    1. You see these dot points could all just be another blog post each...

  2. Sounds like a full on week when you put it like that. We've been just slowing down and enjoying the holidays. Off in the camper-trailer down the coast for a few nights tomorrow. (Leaving the housework and the messy muddle of holiday home life behind :))

  3. Love the old dot point!
    - Been to the beach
    - Eaten great Mexican
    - Done lots of writing
    - Not done enough reading
    - Forgotten heaps
    - Remembered to soak in moments
    - Pigged out on Ferrero Rochers too fast just to make them disappear quicker so I am not tempted to eat them.
    - Yes, I know!

  4. Im not even going to think about how much chocolate I ate over the long weekend! Nine blog posts is a champion effort though

  5. I am a huge dot point fan. I've been doing a "My week in bullet points" weekly blog post for the past few Sundays because, frankly, sometimes it's just easier!


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