Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Mother's Day - I don't want a rubber toy.

As a blogger who has been tap tap tapping away at the keyboard for a million years now (that is true, as far as bloggers go I am pretty much dinosaur status) I get some fabulous emails with opportunities and suggestions and things for me to blog about.

Mother's Day has been fabulous this year. Fabulous in the "are you serious? I have no interest in THAT" I have been invited to a range of functions to celebrate being a mother and received a stack of media releases about products I could write about. I could tell you about baby wearing, baby advice, cooking utensils, flowers, chocolates...

Problem is none of the products/services/companies have actually worked out what Mums really want.

And that's ok.

They are flogging their wares as much as the next person. I am a marketer, I know about flogging wares.

Tonight I received an email telling me the top ten things that a MUM TO BE would want (and that is certainly not me, no, no no).

But here is the suggestion for number 7.

Do you see that. A Mum to be would really like a plastic giraffe named Sophie for Mother's Day.


No. She really wouldn't.

She might like quite a bit of stuff. But not Sophie. She might like dinner out somewhere, she might like to have a pedicure for her swollen feet, she might like to have some new massive big comfy undies that fit her belly into them. A mum to be might like to sit and watch DVDs all day. She might like to sleep in before her baby arrives. Ms Mum To Be may like a good novel, a stack of trashy magazines, or some new shoes. She might love a new handbag. Perhaps some jewels. She might like yet another Elk Necklace for her collection (Hint hint Mr H if you are reading).

I don't really know what she would want. All I know is she doesn't want Sophie - even though Sophie is chewed on by all the uber cool babies (not mine) - can't someone give that to the baby when it arrives?

Or, am I wrong, if you were a Mum to be, would you want to receive Sophie as a gift to celebrate Mother's Day - do/did you even get to celebrate Mother's Day before the baby arrives?


  1. Do you want to hear something funny? I totally have been trying to get my hands on a Sophie the Giraffe for Mia and would have been thrilled if someone gave it to me as a mother-to-be gift.

    But I have to admit that as a Mothers Day gift it would go down with a clang :)

    1. Kelly, I shall tweet you if I see one - they are everywhere over here in Melbourne. But I promise Sophie doesn't entertain babies any more than all the other toys.

  2. She'll love new set of Spa stuff. A relaxation once in a while would be best ;-) My best mothers day wishes to your mom and mine. Happy Mothers day!

  3. yep. For mothers'day I want something for ME. The kids get all the stuff now. ALL OF IT. I just want one day that's all mine. ONE. Sophie the girrafe can bite herself.
    New babies are gift magnets, they don't need to get gifts on the mothers'day before they are even born. They don't even need teethers until at least 4 months after they are born. Get the poor woman some chocolate.

  4. Nope Sophie would not impress me I'm afraid - not even if I was expecting again. A day off with no housework or cooking would suit me way better :)

  5. Oh my lordie. I think they are cool. My baby might want it. But for Mother's Day...I don't want it! I don't buy gifts for babies when they are born anymore. Now that I've had my own. I buy gifts for the mothers.

    My OB told my husband that her husband gets her a 'giving birth' diamond ring, and that he should follow suit. I think that's a little OTT, but's better than a Sophie!

    1. I wouldn't mind a cleaner as a gift if I was to have another one (which is never going to happen) still - would love a cleaner!

  6. The year I got the vacuum cleaner saw me totally floored (geddit?) I am the least domestic person in this family. We hired a house cleaner after that. I "insisted" that cards would be enough... Mother's Day is such a ...ohhh err "guilt trip" Love D x

  7. Hmmm, not getting me excited!
    I agree with your last comment, Claire. I just want someone to come in and clean and organise my house. That would make my Mother's Day! Actually, that would make my year!

  8. Mothers Day is all about personal gifts for mum... so long as they don't include lavender scented talc.


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