Monday, April 8, 2013

Sometimes I am an early adopter. Just not with Fashion.

There are some things that I am considered an early adopter of. Social media things, gadgets, apps, different foods, all sorts of things really, I like to try new stuff and in some ways this makes me a marketers dream, my loyalty to a brand is very fickle.

There is one thing in particular that I am not an early adopter of.


I am pretty sure you can consider me a conservative dresser. I love me a bit of navy and white. In winter I adore a roll neck woollen jumper. I am very partial to a puffy vest, despite many a fashionista telling me they are awful.

I was slow to jump on the skinny leg jean band wagon and I loudly and strongly shared my views on coloured jeans, declaring them only fit for people whose legs were under 16.  There were some who agreed with me and together we publicly scoffed at this new trend that would be a mere flash in the pain. A waste of money when next year the coloured jean would be a laugh at what was so 2012.

But here I am. Still not sure what to wear with them. Still not sure they will get too much wear.

But the coloured jean has adorned my butt.

I asked Popps to take a picture of me in the new threads while I sat watching today's money bar technique, this seemed to be the best shot she could get.

Any other conservative dressers out there? Lovers of turtle necks, puffy vests, navy and white or a crisp black suit?

Am I the last person in Australia to wear some coloured jeans?


  1. LOL! No! I only just recently turned to the coloured jean and the skinny jean AND ballet flats. So adventurist of me!

    (Sorry though, can't say I share your love of the puffer vest!)

  2. Nope! I have no coloured jeans either. A very late adopter to fashion trends and love a good winter puffy vest ;)

  3. For what it's worth, I think your top and jean combo works great.

    The trick with coloured jeans is to wear something much less bright on top. Eg white, black, grey or pastel. I also think a print is easier to match with a solid bright colour, just keep the print a bit muted.

  4. Love the outfit. I am always late to the 'party'. Books, movies, clothes, et al.

    Must say though that I love love love those shoes. Red shoes are my thing and I covet them big time.

  5. My fear that I have missed the boat usually prevents me from buying the latest trend these days. The jeans look look fab so good on you for diving in. The great news is red is apparently the it color for our Aussie Winter, so you are an early adopter afterall.


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