Monday, April 15, 2013

Asking for ideas: What do you take people staying in hospital for weeks on end?

Remember Max? Beautiful Max.

Max is having a tough time this year, he is back in hospital again and this means his Mum is there too.

We don't know Max's family very well, we chat at creche pick ups and wave in the street, we are friendly when we see each other, but Max's Mum is flat out looking after him, his big sister and the new baby, she has no spare time for lunch and play dates, especially when Max is not well, and of course Max isn't at creche when he is unwell so we don't run into them.

For now, Max's Mum is sleeping on a fold out bed and eating from the takeaway shops at the Royal Children's Hospital, staying with Max all the time. I can't imagine how tough this is on the rest of the family. Family meals and school drop offs, relying on a strict roster to keep everyone's needs met, tough  days.

They don't know me well enough to ask for my help, but that doesn't mean I can't offer something.

Taking in chocolates is probably the last thing she wants.

But I would like to drop off a package. Something that might pass the time, even if just for a moment.

Where do you begin?

Food, magazines, toys, get well cards? I am looking for ideas, tips from other parents that have walked the halls of hospitals for weeks at a time and eaten through the entire menu until a chicco roll looks like a good option. What would you have loved someone, anyone, to deliver?

Would my awful cooking be better than hospital food?


  1. Anything other than hospital take away food is good. I would go for something easy that is ALWAYS a hit! Chicken Schnitzel and salad sanga - this way if she wants she can heat it up or just eat it as is.... also home made bikkies are great - let me know when you are going to do this and I will whip up a batch for you :) xoxo Sara

  2. A batch of home made anything - cakes, cookies, something she can share with the staff? I appreciated that during our weeks in NICU even though I didn't stay there 24/7/
    My girls sent a box of their pre-loved pony-ville collection to someone who was in hospital who we knew would love them... just something new them them to help pass the hours.
    Maybe some pre-loved books with a little note to leave them in the parent room if they are not her tastes?
    How about a phone number or email address in case she'd like to chat, or needs help?
    I have no idea really but I think any little thing that shows that someone else is thinking of you is always appreciated :)

    1. Excellent idea to leave my contact details on a card or something Kate. I also have plenty of books I could just pass on from here that don't need returning. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. If they have iPods or iPads an iTunes voucher is great for games/music/books etc. Otherwise magazines or even nice toiletries for Max's Mum - there is not a lot of luxury in hospital!

    1. So true - maybe even a yummy soap. See - I knew that asking my readers would help.

  4. Homemade food is always better than hospital food, even the simplist of meals will put a smile on Max's mums face....just to know that you are thinking of her will mean more than you can ever image. Magazine's, books, word find books (that don't require too much brain power) Djeco have some great kids craft options that mum and max can do together...or Max could just watch mum do. The scatch and reveal pictures are a good one. I hope the beautiful Max is feeling better real soon. Josephine

  5. things that spring to mind from when I was in and out of hospital with my daughter:
    Home Cooked Food. Bundled up in containers that can be zapped in a microwave.
    Magazine/Books, a note pad and pen (the amount of things I thought about during that time that I needed to capture, the to dos, wants, blah blah)
    Activities, keepers, like felt boards, reusable sticker books.
    New pj's for the little man, given you pretty much always spend time in them, or a blanket to make the place feel a little unique.
    Loan of a DVD player and a selection of DVD's for both Max and Mum.
    I also know of a little boy who (now clear) went through chemo and his day care did a post for him, a long picture with all the kids handprints and their names on it, to let him know they were thinking of him. hope that helps.

  6. Hand cream of the decadant type. Fresh fruit. Real coffee. Maybe a travel plunger, cup and a great grind.

  7. I had a friend going through something similar, I dropped off a meal for her & her family. Others started doing this - she just burst into tears, so grateful.

  8. Hi Clairey, it's a lovely thought to help out when there is not a lot you can do but "something" ...I felt like this with Tiff & her many many times of long stays with ivy. She would agree about food being something much appreciated as I think she could only get vending machine things for a while. Eventually I gave Tiff a pre-paid Dongle So she could remain "connected"

    1. Now that is a brilliant idea for Tiff...very clever. Exactly what she would need, especially as I love her blogs so much too.


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