Saturday, March 30, 2013

Accusations of poor parenting

"There isn't even cereal in this pantry" accused Mr H the other day. 

That is what he said, but what he was implying was that my mothering skills were so lacking that I was not even capable of providing my offspring with breakfast. With all that time off I have the least I could do would be to ensure no one starved on the weekends.

Well that is what I heard.

There was of course FOUR boxes of cereal in the pantry and what he should have said was "Can you please stop buying the cereal that is high in fibre and low in sugar, because I would really like to have diabetes at a young age, so please provide me with food items that are loaded with processed flours and covered in sugar.

Of course I responded in the most mature way I know how and spat rude comments at him under my breath, decided he was on Dance Mum duty and I headed off to the shops...for half the day. 

Calm has been restored. And the pantry is restocked.


  1. Ah my mother in law makes those sorts of comments...

  2. Hubby kept writing 'dip' on the shopping list. So I'd buy the same dips I always did, one hommus, one spicy capsicum. TWO MONTHS later he screamed at me for always buying hommus. There were four or five in the fridge (in his section that I don't go near because STINKY CHEESE EEEEEW) because he just kept eating the other dip.

    HINT TO HUBBY: write 'spicy capsicum dip' on the shopping list. Or even 'ANY DIP BUT HOMMUS'. Too easy.

    Sorry. Glad that's out of my system! What my comment should say: I totally relate. x

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  5. I can so relate, my husband is exactly the same. The one time I cracked it and told him to do the shopping himself he forgot bread, milk and brown rice and came back with a 10 kilo bag of white long grain and 5 packs of tim tams :/


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