Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Venus Baths - a walk for everyone

On the weekend we headed off to the the Grampians for the unblogged weekend.

During that time we squished in as many things as we could and one of them was a walk to the Venus Baths.

If you get to the Grampians and would like to do a walk but don't want to do anything that requires more than a basic level of fitness, this is a great walk to do. There are lots of harder walks, but sometimes you either don't have the time to do them, the kids can't manage them or your fitness levels may not make the walk enjoyable. This is the walk for you!

After the floods in 2011 the entire walk was closed down and it has recently re-opened. The track is fantastic and easy to manage. Someone has dropped some major cash into this walking track which makes it really accessible. Both the girls managed this distance and the terrain ok. We stopped along the way for rock climbing and flower picking and searching for water in the river - there is not a lot right now.

The destination is well worth it on a warm day, there is a great swimming hole for grown up people and  natural waterslides for little people. Popps swam in the main water hole and we had to bribe her to get out.

We didn't bother with towels or any extra items, they walked in bathers and dried off like lizards on a rock before we left. We took one water bottle to share and that was it.

If you are giving the natural waterslides a whirl - BE CAREFUL - they are VERY slippery. Children need to be on their bottoms BEFORE they stand in the water, otherwise they will be on their backsides very quickly and with a thump.  Thankfully we returned with no broken wrists as they both hit the rocks on more than one occasion. The slippery surface does make for an excellent fun slide though.

To get to Venus Baths, just park in the main car park in Halls Gap, head to the tennis courts, walk through the gate of the botanical gardens and follow the signs.

You may also choose to see if you can get your head through the gate - this is like an optional extra!

Venus Baths is an easy 2.3 km return trip. On a warm day it provided lots of shade and was not difficult.

You don't have to travel far to find wonderful little spots like this.  Next time you have a free weekend, jump in the car and head to the hills!


  1. Awesome! Will definitely be taking the kids next time and checking out this and other easy walks.

  2. I love the grampians. How was the unblogged bloggers retreat? I must read and find out!


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