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We don't have the game Pictionary and I looked for it in the shops the other day and I couldn't find it, but everyone knows it. Lot's of people do have it, and if you are one of those people then dust off the box, call around some friends and have a party.

Not that you ever really need an excuse, but if you were waiting on a reason to start playing and have some fun. HERE. IT. IS.



You now when you are playing Pictionary and you are drawing something really great but no one understands what you are trying to say. You can't use words, you start flapping your hands, you look at the ceiling and roll your eyes wishing other people could concentrate and see what you see on the paper.

Sometimes, this is how other people feel nearly all the time. Some people with Autism.

Drawtism is the excellent idea from Alpha who are trying to increase understanding of Autism and of course raise funds to assist in research and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The idea is simple, yet fun. Firstly, be creative anyway you want, but get a group together and start playing a game of Pictionary. You can make up the rules yourself regarding fund raising. For instance, maybe it is a $2 entry to play, it is $1 in the jar every time a team doesn't get the picture correctly...or fine people for the silliest drawing. You could have some food and drinks while you are at it and your own little auction of stuff - maybe everyone brings something they have always wanted to regift and you can all auction them off to each other, funds all going straight to the jar too.

But you don't have to fundraise. Sometimes the conversation can be the biggest thing. Perhaps you could just have a game and explain to your children the concept. Explain that this is how some children they meet might often feel, possibly one of the children in their own classroom, their swimming lesson or dancing class.

The Drawtism team have everything you need to host an event, you don't really need to do all that much. Hop over to the website and they will send you a kit, or just print out what you need.

The website is

The Freecall number is 1800 606 656

Drawtism Postcard

And if you are having a party - send me in an invite. If you blog it - let me know and I will add a link to your post on this one too.

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