Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Bookshelf

There is a lot of reading in our house and we are forever tripping over books and fighting about who read it last and who should have put them away.

There are just too many books in the world and not enough time to read them all. A bad book wastes the time you could have had on a good book, so here are the favourites in the Huey house lately.

For Little Kids:
Immy loves The Game in the Dark by Herve Tullet. This is great fun book for before bed. It is a glow in the dark book that she and Mr H have a lot of fun with. They use the torch and make shapes on the wall, they hold their hands on the pages and "charge up" the page with the torch to make new images. They make up the story each time they 'read it'. There are no words in this book. It is purely up to you to be the story maker, the fun guide, the teller of tales.

For Primary School:
Popps just can not get enough of the the old style Enid Blyton books, a big thank you to all the people who have found them in their local op shops or sent them to us. The collection continues to grow and the stories are already being re-read over and over again. Some of the books are quite a few decades old and we love reading the inscriptions in many of them.

Me: How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm.
I have struggled recently to get into any fiction books, but this book was fascinating. Don't read it if you are looking for a parenting book to give you answers on what you should be doing with your child. I read this book like I would a magazine with really interesting articles on what people are doing in other countries. This book is a true highlight to remind you that whatever parenting tactics you are using, that might not be 'right' to the rest of your community, that somewhere else they might think you are perfectly normal.  I did find the author, who has one child, referred to herself and her parenting a little too often, to be honest, I am not interested in her style and her child. But this didn't detract from my overall love of the book. It was a book with a little parenting, and a lot of travel, learning cultures and hearing of traditions that families around the world have used to raise their children.

Man Reads: Yes, that is a little gender stereotyping, but there are some books I just don't read, and Mr H reads many of them. I call them Man Reads because he has usually borrowed them from either my Dad or his own father. Tom Clancy is a regular author in the Man Reads pile. I have no idea what it is about or how good it is but I know Mr H is burning through it pretty quickly.

What's on your bookshelf this month?


  1. I love children's books, especially ones with amazing illustrations (don't worry I haven't forgotten about you know what. It's a WIP kind of thing.)
    I'm hoping to get into the library this afternoon. Need a book to lose myself in.
    Aston loves the Wishing Chair. Have you heard of Tashi? They are a favourite in our house too.

  2. We are yet to have Tashi in the house, but I am sure they will be here pretty soon! Library is a place I can sit all day.

  3. I'm a Tara Moss fan-girl and just picked up The Blood Countess to replace We need to talk about Kevin which everyone told me not to read!


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