Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kids Style: A Target review and giveaway

I wrote recently about how I spend too much on kids clothes. When a friend asked me this week where I got Immy's lovely dress from I told her "A shop with great clothes, where I spend way too much money". I have even recently entered the shop while uttering, "Hello, it's me again, your friendly stalker".

But I have my limits.

I like to buy bits and pieces that I love to look at and the girls love to wear but I always team them with target basics and have done since I started buying kids clothes. Usually this means plain coloured long sleeve tops, leggings and t-shirts.

As I am now on the payroll at Target, they asked me to check out the kids autumn clothing range and see if there was anything that my girls liked. The question really was, would the current range suit my kids 'style'.

I had to stop and think about that for a bit. Do my kids have a 'style'? Do I have a 'style' for my kids?

Yes. We both do.

You may disagree and think you and your kids don't do 'styles' but I would still suggest you do. Maybe yours is 'vintage style', maybe you never buy dresses for your daughter because you know she just would never wear them, maybe your son has heaps of Thomas clothes handed down from other people because everyone knows he loves Thomas the Tank so much or perhaps you want your child to be on Toddlers and Tiaras and so they are wearing Botox.

So what 'style' do I have.

Well, I can be a little strict with clothes. I don't like little girls in teenage or grown up clothing. I don't like little girls in high heels. I am not a huge fan of preschoolers in all black. I don't like to buy ripped jeans, (but if they rip and the kids wear them in the back yard that is ok). I do like to buy Australian designer stuff in boutiques, I hate it when the girls grow out of certain brands that stop at baby/toddler sizes.

This week I took Popps and Immy to Target and told them they could pick any outfit they wanted.


Target had given me $50 to get the outfits so they had a limit of $25 each. Together they decided they wanted something that was "same-same". This is a game they play at home together where they try and get dressed as twins and be "same-same"

Problem was Immy wanted a dress and Popps wanted pants. Immy wanted pink and Popps wanted purple. A style clash was underway but then they both decided that jeggings would be excellent.

Not my usual choice, but I was staying silent for once.

They headed to the change rooms loaded with items to try on and had quite a good time in there.

ha ha ha ha - boobie bras...

In the end, they couldn't decide on anything same-same so they got as close as they could. Jeggings and stripey long sleeve tops.

Target girls long sleeve top

As usual, the prices were good, we got the lot, the top Popps picked was only $5.60 plus I managed to slip in the new Donna Hay magazine for myself all for $51.00.

Popps put her outfit on at home and asked me to watch her concert on the swings (for the 93rd time this week). Jeggings, she declared are excellent for being a gymnast - and just like that, a new kids style is born - Backyard Gym Wear.

Target girls clothing, target play clothes, target jeggings

Target kids clothes

Win your own Target Shopping Trip

If you want to check out the Target range and not have to spend a cent, leave me a comment describing your fashion style. The comment that interests me the most wins a $40 target voucher.

The rules are:

The prize is ONE $40 gift voucher from Target

One entry per person - UNLESS - you follow me on bloglovin, (just click here and hit the follow button then if you feel like it you can pop back and write another comment and enter twice. (I get an email telling me who follows me, so I will know if you are tricking me!)

Australian residents only.

Competition opens Thursday 28 March and closes Tuesday 2 April at 8 pm.



  1. I love bright colours with really comfortable jeans, I hate tight clothes, and I Never, Never buy white tops, I will Always, Always spill something tomato based on it at lunch time at work, always!!!!

    kim m

  2. Miss 7's style is dresses, dresses and more dresses. Won't wear jeans (hasn't for as long as she could manage to take them off) Must be colour, no black (like her mother). In fact last weekend at my brother's wedding she congratulated me (in front of everyone) for not wearing a black dress. Then preceeded to do a survey of the guests that thought I looked good in pink.

  3. I'm following on bloglovin too.

    My daughter is my opposite, all pink, purple, sparkles, looks matter, comfort doesn't so much, not like me at all!!

  4. As a mum of three aged 8 and under
    "Me" time is rare, is it any wonder?!
    So if I had to describe my fashion style
    I'd say 'mostly boring with glam once in a while.'
    For school drop-off it's trackies and tee's
    They're comfy and for this mum, they certainly please
    When I'm out shopping I put on some jeans
    (But not those skinny types worn by teens!)
    And when I am out with hubby, it's usually a dress
    It's when I feel prettiest, I must confess!!

  5. I follow on bloglovin too
    But am all rhymed out so this'll have to do!! :)
    But it'd be a really pleasant surprise
    If I were to win this awesome prize!

  6. Yes please! I have 3 under 6 and target iS my go to shop for jeans, and tops for them!

  7. As I read the "describe your fashion style" I did a snort laugh. Fashion, mothers, surely these do not go together.

    I like comfy and feminine, flowing dresses with a pattern to hid the marks put on by children, loud accessories tend to hide these too. I like cute but flat shoes, you can't effectively run after a toddler in stilettos.

    Great competition, I love target!

  8. My style is opshoptastic! Also as it is second hand it is usually last season, so maybe I'd describe my style as "Late", haha!
    Something new from Target would be great though ;) Thanks Claire!

  9. I follow on Bloglovin, I just moved all my google reader blogs over there!

  10. My style? Casual-basic-stripey-fitted-easy-to-clean-mum-clothes style. With an alternating super-girly-pretty-skirts-ruffled-tops style that is occasionally unleashed at night or on child-free outings. Patents pending.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Love the girls' choices.

  11. I have to say my style for Miss M is anything a bit different. Somehow she tends to always look preppy styled. She nearly always gets comments from it, oh and I know what you mean, I try so hard to get Miss M into a dress!

  12. I love Target for kids clothes. We were there on Saturday and spent $300 but got so many mix and match outfits. Fantastic!

    1. $300! wowo Jodi, that's a big kids shop up, you must be set for the whole winter.

  13. I love anything that is comfy and not clingy or tight. I also love colour.

  14. My fashion style is that of a chameleon!... Changing from old jeans and tees around the garden all the way through to designer dresses. The overriding theme is bold colour though!

  15. Anything that holds my butt in place and hides my tummy is my kinda style.

  16. Ironing-not-required is my style! I went through a grey phase recently and am trying to come out of it so all those coloured jeans are grabbing my attention. And I have some groovy small boys too: their styles would be colour clash and able-to-be-worn-with-cape. Wish I were game enough for jeggings -- they look fab with boots and flats (but maybe not so good with my current backside!).

  17. My style is: Bargain Target Teacher Clothes - so I won't cry if paint, snot or glue gets on them but I still look somewhat professional!

  18. My fashion style could probably best be classified as bohemian or shabby chic or hippy wanna be or just down-right daggy. I love colour & fabric. I'm not afraid to mix & match just because... I often wake up & think I feel purple today or blue, so that's what I wear.


  19. At the moment my fashion style is comfort all the way- I'm 34 weeks pregnant and love comfy and stretchy maxi dresses teamed with a comfy pair of sandals, great for swollen feet. (love love love Target shoes!!)
    I have a variety of stretchy shirts, my fave is one with a little baby on the belly <3 I have heaps of maternity skirts, shorts, pants and jeans- once again Target is great for these. Mixing and matching keeps things interesting :)
    Of course I love to finish with accessories- I love pretty necklaces and bangles and have a good stash of them. I wear smaller earrings as my toddler plays with bigger ones and I value my ear lobes lol.
    Just wanted to finish with I am expecting my 12th baby! I truly believe that being a mum does not mean that you shouldn't dress in what makes you feel good. After all that is what it is all about, reflecting how you feel on the inside- and I feel just amazing right now! :)

  20. My style for my girls consists of simple criteria-
    1. Will they be covered appropriately (for sun and modesty)
    2. Will by darling 5 yr old permanently be hitching at her undies (huge problem here)
    3. Will they actually want to wear it (appaently I can't pick their clothes any more)
    4. Does it have shuffles and glitter (read ruffles and anything sparkly)
    Sad but true If they are happy in their clothes so am I!

  21. Target is my store
    comfy clothes with style and more :))
    following bloglovin, thanks for a chance :)

  22. My 'style' is very Mum friendly. Basically whatever I feel hides my Mumma belly best, whatever is in my price range (i.e. cheap as chips) and whatever is in a colour dark enough to disguise cellulite and hide grubby marks!

    Sarah Fleming

  23. Just entering again, I followed you on bloglovin :)
    Sarah Fleming

  24. My style is daggy Mum 'style', consisting mainly of old tracky dacks, jeans and t-shirts, and a few dresses. I'm another 'never wear white' person, because the outfit will quickly get stained. Something new would make me day - and probably my kids' as well, particularly at school run time!

  25. I work in an office with all young girls who look and feel great in short dresses etc, being older, I am often left feeling that I'm way out of touch in the fashion stakes. One of the young girls said to me one day "You always look really comfortable in what you are wearing". I don't know if she was trying to be nice or what! But I do dress for comfort rather than style!

    Sandra (Email:

  26. My style is similar to Lady GaGa. I wear anything. I just roll around and whatever I land on, is what I'll wear

  27. My style is a cross between "I'm trying so hard to pretend I'm hip and trendy and not in the last year of my twenties" and "Will vomit wash out of this fabric easily enough and will my buttcrack show when I'm crawling under clothing racks trying to pull out the toddler before he poos under there"

    only1only7 at gmail dot com


      I shall email you today (Thursday)

      Because we all know that there is something under those clothes racks that makes toddlers poo! It isn't in the toy department, only in the womens clothes racks.

      Thanks for entering my comp and joining up with Bloglovin too!

  28. I am following on Bloglovin

    PS. I just read the rainbow dress post you linked too, and after I stopped laughing I did empathise with you. I have a similar story but it involves a 1 day old Country Road hoody and a refluxy baby's first time trying pumpkin :/

  29. My style incorporates vintage, feminine dresses with modern pieces that are well fitting and cuts that flatter my figure.

  30. My style is to leave it to the last minute and then use whatever I have lying around and hope I get away with it... much like this post.


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