Friday, March 8, 2013

What colour are your eyes?

For a long time I just thought I had blue eyes, my dad had blue eyes, my sister and brother had blue eyes and mine were just the same.

Then one day when I was around 13, I was in the country pub in the town we lived in – the only establishment considered a restaurant so of course kids were there along with everyone else - when one of the old drunk men regularly holding up the bar said to me “You have funny coloured eyes”. I was too polite to speak back to adults so I must have just stared at him a bit without saying anything.

“You have cold eyes” he continued “they are grey, they are the colour of Nazi soldiers”.  This was not sounding good.  I walked off and like all early teens I thought about it for months wondering if other people thought I had funny coloured eyes. If they did, no one ever said anything.

Well not until I went to an Iridologist to get some help with migraine headaches.

She was nicer, “What interesting coloured eyes you have.” She went on to diagnosis my migraines as dehydration related and said I did actually have blue eyes but they were so dehydrated they had a yellow tinge which made them a funny colour. I simple had to drink the potion she sold, for the bargain price of $96 a day* and I would be cured of migraines and have normal blue eyes.

I drank and drank and then I drank some more potion. I still got migraines and my eyes never changed colour.

Most photos you really cant tell exactly what colour my eyes are. I usually never even give it any thought, but last weekend Dorothy took a picture of Immy and me and in that photo, the first thing I noticed was that Immy has the same colour. They used to be blue, but they are not anymore.

She has my eyes, whatever colour they are.

What colour are your eyes? Do your kids have the same?

*This may be an exaggeration, but I remember it being really expensive.


  1. I think they're blue-green-grey and beautiful! Mine are very very dark brown, and my miss three has the same x

  2. Your eyes are beautiful!

    I always thought I had green eyes but sometimes people INSIST that they are blue. It always amuses me because you would think we would know the colour of our own eyes. Turns out, maybe not... x

  3. What an interesting post! I always thought you had pretty pale blue eyes! Turns out I always thought I had brown, but now they're definitely hazel-green. I think we are not vain enough to stare long enough in a mirror to work it out. That, or we are really busy!

  4. You have beautiful eyes! My eyes are blue grey, but they change colour a bit with my mood - pale grey if I am worried, bright blue if I am super happy or very angry. One child has my eye colour, one has hazel like her dad, and one has a strange kind of dark burnished bronze colour that goes with his ginger hair.

  5. They look blue but in any case, rather lovely!

    I'm horrified at what the man in the pub said to you - a child - about having cold eyes. And the Nazi reference? Appalling.

    My eyes are blue, incidentally. =)

  6. Max has those same eyes I think, sort of blue sort if grey! Kerri

  7. Wow, fancy someone telling you you had the same colour eyes as a Nazi. That would haunt me too, I reckon. I think your eyes look lovely - you're right though, they're not really blue - but the colour is beautiful.

    I have brown eyes. When I was a kid my mum used to tell me I had eyes "like a cow". At the time I thought she was being rude, but she meant it as a compliment.

    Scout has eyes like mine with more green in them and Inky has the bluest eyes you've ever seen. I'm pretty sure she's mine (but certainly doesn't look it).


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