Friday, August 3, 2012

A Winning Weekend

From time to time I have a few giveaways that I collect and I have been rather lax in sharing them with you all, so I am going to try and have some regular 'Winning Weekends'. I will list the post on Friday and you will have the weekend to pop by and check out the post, enter and I will announce the winners on the Sunday night. I always like a fast giveaway rather than those ones that take weeks to end.

So let's get started because to kick off this new idea of mine I have $220 in prizes to giveaway to SIX of you.

Milly and Jock pyjamas.

Popps is a fussy clothes wear-erer  (yep, that is a word) and pyjamas are no different. For years she has been wearing summer nighties and freezing her way though the night. For awhile I had her in the fleecey all in ones and she loved those too, she hates anything around her waist at any time, a major fan of the hipster jean style - but thankfully most jarmies are not low waisted.

Eve from Milly and Jock sent Popps a pair of her groovy pjs to check out and she has been wearing them heaps. I could just say they looked good, but for this pjs have been through the Clairey's dismal washing technique tests and come through really well. They have survived a bout of gastro, they have been washed and put through the dryer and even worn all day. If I had of remembered it was pj day at school then Popps would have been really comfortable wearing these, sadly I didn't so she was in her uniform.

These pjs are worth checking out, however they do run very small. Popps is 6 and in the size 7/8 there is no chance she would fit in a smaller pair. The tops are a more slimline fit, nice to sleep in but difficult for little arms to take off on their own.

Milly and Jock are owned by a family in NSW and Eve is running the business from home, pop over and take a look.

I have two pairs of pjs to give away valued at $39.95 each

Milly and Jock baby wraps

If you are a friend of mine and about to have a baby, please look away now, because this is your baby gift (no, Immy is not included)!

Milly and Jock also make wraps for babies and these are excellent. Finding a wrap that is functional and a decent size is difficult. Other than muslin wraps that are light weights I never found the perfect wrap for the girls, but check this out, excellent size, perfect weight in a blanky, goregous and super stretchy.

I have two wraps to giveaway valued at $24.95

Hinkler Kids Books - 2x $50 packs

While I love having a massive number of kids books lying around the house, I think they are a pretty expensive item. I tend to give books for lots of kids' birthday's and I love receiving them for my own girls.

We received a collection of books recently from Hinkler Books, but the one that was the best was the Splat! What's That? Book.

It has heaps of pages that encourage free drawing and writing and creative pursuits but with random objects placed on the page. It's a craft activity, and education sheet and pretty fun all in one.

Hinkler have so many great kids books that they will choose  $50 worth of books specific to your child, you can let them know the age and interests for the child who you want to receive a parcel for.

I have TWO $50 book packs to give away.

So that is six prizes and there will be six winners.

1) You are disqualified if I do not have your email address. As in, if you do not have it in your google profile, if you are not an email follower, if you don't leave it in the comment you email address, no win.
2) Australian Residents only
3) Only one prize per person
4) Only one entry per person
5) Have you read the above points
6) Winners judged by a random person, if we have visitors they will get to pick, otherwise it will be one of us.

To enter - simply leave a comment telling me which prize you would like to win and why.  Competition closes at 8pm Sunday 5 August!


  1. Great idea Claire, and GREAT giveaways :)
    I'd love to win the PJ's...coz well, quite frankly; they ROCK! How cool are they?! My 4yr old would LURVE them....I just know :)
    Claire x

  2. oooh, the Hinkler book pack PLEASE?! (For either the baby or the 5 year old ...)

  3. books please Hewey....books are king at our house right now....along with cake and custard and chocolate and oh....never mind. Books!

  4. Hi I'd love one of the baby wraps please for my beautiful 6 week old niece! Love spoiling her!! My email is
    Thankyou for the opportunity!!

  5. Books!!! My daughter doesn't wear pjs (sleeps in her undies alone year round!) And the boy has grown out of the wrap books it is for us please :)

  6. I have an obsession with kids pj's. I have so many pairs on the go at once. I can't help but buy a new pair when I see them. I buy them for birthdays, Christmas and thank yous.
    My kids are the best dressed pj wear-erer.

    Thanks Clairey...

  7. I have run out of ideas for kids birthday gifts..but these books look awesome! This looks like loads of super doopa entertainment and educational at the same time. I would love to win these for my daughters fourth birthday.

  8. Books please!!!
    We gave some as gifts and when I went back to where we got them (to buy for my girls) there were none....and there appear to be none in Tassie!!!!!
    (my email is on my blogger profile I think!)

  9. I love to Win a book pack . They look like perfect books to encourage my beginning readers , boys need all the encouragement they can get to enjoy the adventures on every page.

  10. Oooh, all so gorgeous, but for me, my weakness is definitely books ....forget shoes or hair bands or cute girlie dresses, it's books I cannot resist for the kids. And thankfully my daughter is as excited as me! Love the look of Splat! What's that? - anything that makes them think outside the square gets a thumbs up from me. Thanks for the chance Claire.

  11. Hinkler Kids Books pretty please! Then all our offspring can share! Well in a perfect world... ;)

  12. Mum said I need these pj's because my name is Millie. She said having these Milly and Jock pj's will make me sleep when I am told and make me sleep in my own bed all night!

    (that will be the day!-said Mum)

  13. All of them! Cheating? Okay.

    Take #2. The books. I love books. You could argue that I already have too many, as they are piled up on mantelpieces, tables and floors, but if I win these books, I may actually feel compelled to buy another bookcase. Or two.

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  14. My three children grow SO FAST I can not buy PJs fast enough. And then by the time the third child gets to wear them, they are stained and holey. We always need PJs, particularly stylish, funky ones. Please help us.

  15. I would love some of those jamies for Mr3 who grows out of them quicker than I can decide which superhero he's into that month. I made the mistake with Miss8 of buying Dora jamies when she was 'so over them' (at 4 years old!).

  16. I would love the baby wrap to give my sister when she has her 5th baby soon! First boy after 4 girls...she might need some blue love!

  17. I'd love the Milly and Jock pyjamas for my son, who would happily stay in PJ's all day long if I let him! He's four and a half and skinnier than a runway model (even though he eats constantly!) so the slim-fit make would suit him to a tea.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. Fab giveaways lovely! I would live some jarmies for my "big" boy. He is such a sweaty sleeper & they look perfect for him.

  19. I have thought about this quite a bit and at first I was going to request the pj's however my little princess also loves nighties so I feel that the pj's would just go to waste in our house. Therefore it is the books that we would love! I am always on the lookout for new books to add to the collection and to fall in love with with my child :) also just so you know we live quite close so there would be no need to post out such heavy items! Thanks :) Sara H ....

  20. Fabulous thank you. I have my eye on the Hinkler book packs. You can never have too many books.


  21. Miss Tegan and I were looking at the pics and she decided that she wanted to play with the girls. In her words "they look like they are having are pj party why can't we go? So the pjs are top of the list then. She would love the books. The Santa list has started Many thanks Kate.

  22. Hi Clairey,

    Wouldn't mind a baby wrap if there is one to spare. For my niece who is having a baby boy in early Sept (baby shower next week). Don't have any grandkids of my own to spoil as yet, and as my niece doesn't have her mum now, I try to fill the gaps. Email address is

  23. Great idea Claire, knock over the give aways in one hit and also give those who enter more of a chance to win something - brilliant! All of your give-aways this weekend look fantastic and I could think of someone who could use each item -
    Pj's for Miss Abbey who is still battling with keeping the nights 'dry' a little something as spesh as these would help encourage her to stay dry!
    Baby wrap for the first one of my 5 girlfriends all due around the same time who pops firsts (not that they're racing!)
    Hinkler books for young Xavier who has developed a desire to draw on everything except paper... and because you're never too young to start reading, drawing and appreciating a good story!
    So as you can see, I'm not fussy and would love to win any of these awesome prizes! You can reach me at:

  24. I'd love to win the Hinkler Books prize, Claire, my daughter Ella loves reading, but doesn't like borrowing books from the library because she hates taking them back!She wants to keep them all!

    Email is

    Thanks for the chance! Narelle

  25. Kim maxwell galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 5, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    I would love any, but the book pack in particular would be great, I am trying to encourage my daughter to read and being excited about books is half the battle, so a prize like this in the mail would be unreal!

  26. The Hinkler Book pack would be great,
    Mr 5 is reading at a rapid rate.
    He reads books like there is no tomorrow,
    We've read all ours so we've had borrow.
    Mr 3 just loves books too,
    It's one of his favourite things to do.
    From morning til night they love to learn,
    Needing new books is our biggest concern!

    My email incase I am lucky enough to win is

  27. So many great books at Hinkler,
    So a book prize I would choose,
    I have a large family,
    So they would get years of use,
    I'd love to get a board book for my sweet baby,
    Mr. 2 and 4 would love some nursery rhymes,
    And with Mr. 10 and a joke book,
    We'd be in for fun times!!
    (I'm sure you can imagine why lol, he has borrowed them from the library before!)

  28. I can't decide between the pjs or the book. Can I say both?? :) I think I would have to choose the books as my kids love books. Great giveaway! Thanks! Lisa

  29. Definitely the pj's! I have checked out the website and they are gorgeous!

  30. We're a family of book nerds, so I'd have to go that way. Nothing better than some new stories to wile away these late winter days :) Steadily indoctrinating all my little pinks into the book love thing. And I'm happy to say its working :)

  31. Hey Claire! I would love to win the wraps for Ellie! I love the colours! Thanks for sharing your blog today!

  32. Hi,
    Thanks for your giveaway. I love your children's fun PJ photos!! We would love the Hinkler Books please.

  33. Books books books
    Is what we'd like to win
    I'm rubbish at rhymes
    So ...... just pick me :)

  34. Love those PJs - my daughter really needs some new ones - all of a sudden her legs are too long for all her pants! They grow so fast!

  35. I would love to win pjs for my 5 year old son, he has a sensitive skin and i always look for pjs that are gentle on his skin and Milly and Jock pyjamas seems good one...

  36. Now that my boy is over one,
    We are thinking of having another one.
    A wrap would come in handy to get the baby to sleep,
    I'd love this one to sleep better- without even a peep!
    russellcathryn at

  37. Hmmm, books, baby wraps, PJ's . . . we could use, and would appreciate, any of these prizes!
    We love books, they feed the mind!
    We have a baby, we wrap her all the time.
    With a toilet training toddler we can never have too many PJ's.
    So Eeni, meeni, mihni mo - any of these would make our day!

  38. The PJs!! So much! :) We are going to visit our family overseas soon and my son will have to sleep on the airplane. I really want to get him a new pair to make it special. (And because sleep is kinda his least favourite thing when there are so many fun people around! :)

    theaussiemommy at gmail dot com

  39. Milly and Jock pyjamas pls - perfect for master four

  40. I would love to win the book prize.. My daughter is 3 tomorrow and she has only now enjoying sitting down with me and reading a book.

    The CHN said from day one you should read atleast 3 books a day to your child. However my baby girl just wasn't interested. She just wanted to eat the book or throw it away.. we tried everything from puppet books to tickle monster books.

    Then it all changed.. and her love for reading and listening to our voices just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! :)

    My son (14 months old) has loved us reading him books from day one..

    No child is the same! :)

  41. I would really love to win the baby wraps! My bubby is almost 12 weeks old and still needs to be wrapped in order for him to have a good night's sleep!

  42. Milly and Jock Pyjamas for this family please,
    especially discovering my son's last years pj's up to his knees!
    Such great designs and comfortable to wear at night,
    sleeping in them would be a delight!


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