Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap

We don't really know how to have a quiet weekend. We try, and sometimes it feels as though we don't have a lot on, but the reality is they are brief moments before we organise the next thing.
Remember that I told you about the 100 Beanies that were needed for the Brisbane Cancer patients who needed some woolly hats. I asked my Mum to knit one on my behalf, she did and then mentioned it to her friends.
So this is what I am sending off this week...

We went out for Japanese and as we were all so hungry we decided to go for the banquet option, not even stopping at the first option but moving to the extra courses on banquet B. That is B for big. B for Big Bum, B for better get moving today or you are going to Be enormous.  It was nine courses of yum.

Saturday night we had our first ever school fundraiser night. It confirmed our new elderly status as we complained that the Elvis impersonator was too loud for us to hear properly. There was a silent auction that I decided to win at the start of the night, a pedicure at a local day spa, I got it for a bargain as I know the costs of the local day spas, it pays to be aware of such things and to know how to score a bargain. The question is can I be patient enough to wait until the weather improves to actually show off the wonderful results of the pedicure? Probably not.

While my parents were here I got them to decide the winners of the Weekend Giveaway. I like running a fast giveaway over the weekend. I hope you liked it too (even if you didn't win). I have a few other things that could be given away too, if you have any feedback on how I run the giveaways please let me know.

Winners of the Milly and Jock PJs are:
Di from Max the Unicorn
Winners of the Wraps are:
Pauline Duddy
Winners of the Hinkler books (clearly there are lots of people wanting books so pop back in a fortnight as I have two more already lined up!)
Linda T
Kell (poems are always hard to beat!)

I have your emails and will send you a message asap for your details.


  1. What a great idea that beanie thing. I always help with anything like that that I can. Enjoy the pedi - believe it or not I have never had one. Please thank your mum and dad for choosing me as a winner of the book pack. I really appreciate it!

  2. Wow, thanks Claire and thanks Claire's mum & dad, my wee girl is going to be soooo excited!!


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