Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lipstick Art

I am in a nesting type of mood, but rest assured there is no baby on its way. The baby shop is out of business in the Huey household.

We're planning a bathroom makeover in the next few weeks so I decided if the current cabinet is hitting the tip it would be best to clean the poor thing out first.

I seem to have a collection of make up bags so I started with one and filled it with makeup that I no longer use, the other I filled with items I had forgotten I had but was thrilled to find.

I can't believe how many fashions I have been through in make up. I am not a high user of cosmetics at all which makes me wonder just what could be in other peoples cupboards. Or maybe, that's the point, I purchase, but don't use what I have. The colours and products still showed fashions that have been and gone. Glitter body sticks!

This is so bright, I can't believe I once wore it, excuse the un-manicured nails.

I told the girls that the make up in the first bag was their's to do with as they pleased and expected they would hit the cubby/club house/beauty parlour and get to work face painting.

Instead they spent a few good hours sharing the colours and getting crafty.

The new textures were fascinating for them, using brushes, sticks, eye shadow applicator thingos plus fingers!

Craft items can sometimes be expensive, look around the house and you will be surprised what your kids will really want to play with.

How much old make up do you have laying around at your place? 


  1. Hmmm, that makes me think what I could get my boys to do with all my old nail polishes! I haven't got any old make-up but I have bottles and bottles and bottles of nail polish... Great idea!

  2. Nail polish is also great, I had a few bottles in there and Immy really like playing with those. Rather than paper she wanted to paint on other surfaces, firstly my nails and then other papers. Getting the brush into the little bottle is also a great way to help develop fine motor skills, watch those little faces concentrate!

  3. LOVE! What a great idea and I just adore what they did with it. How great is it that they had a completely different idea of how to use them than you would expect.

  4. Hmmmm nail polish. I'm also watching (in my head) it being painted on many other things apart from paper..... have fun with that one! (she of little faith)

    1. Nothing a little nail polish remover can't fix....but stay away from carpets, walls, clothes, furniture....yep, everything really.

  5. Thanks for the great idea. I've got boxes of old make up and have just kept for the sake if it. Once we find the boxes they will be heading for the new craft room..... Sounds like spring cleaning is in the air!


  6. Not as much as I did have... (small bout of conjunctivitis meant chucking two mascaras). I'm a bit of a minimalist in that I find something I like, use it til it's finished and buy another one! I usually have a couple of mascaras, a few eyeshadows (which I am seriously pleased I haven't worn lately - I would hate to have had to chuck them as well!) one foundation, one tinted moisturiser, a bazillion lip balms (generally stolen by my children) and a ridiculous amount of lipstick!

    As for using nail polish for other things... My youngest painted his LIPS with Revlon Red. Not pretty - he looked like he had the worst pash rash, and that he'd been pashing a SHARK! And it's not easy to get off, either.


  7. NO! Not nail polish on lips, that would be terrible, poor little thing.

    1. And the only thing that got it off was the heavy duty, toxic as anything nail polish remover! He's never done it again, and for a good while told me that nail polish is for nails, mummy!



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