Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Being snapped in our natural habitat.

We had a photographer come to the house to take some images of us 'au natural'

Emma arrived with camera at the ready and we were to go about our usual Sunday morning while she took some shots.

I have seen other people's photo's like this and loved them, but most also seem pretty story book gorgeous, homes from Vogue magazine, windows clear as crystal where the cleaning fairies have been.

Designer clothes clad families.

Not really us.

I was worried that we are just too boring for a photographer to capture.

I tidied away junk and the stuff that litters the ends of benches and sits on book shelves knowing that I would hate for those itty bitty bits to be in photos forever.

I spent time looking through wardrobes trying to work out what fits perfectly, has no stains, loose threads and buttons missing and then the girls refused to wear those outfits and it was way too cold to wear what I would have liked.

At the start the girls were not even dressed.

I tried to get their hair to look neat and tidy and was successful half the time.

Professional photos of us in our natural environment is quite the task even for the most skilled snapper, Immy wants to be in every image, Popps just goes about quietly. 

I ensured the most important thing was done. My hair was coloured.

We went off to the park, taking the dog for a walk and grabbed a few more images. Peppa looks camera shy.

When we got the results I was thrilled, we are not all dressed up in clothes that we never wear. There is no fake setting and coloured generic background. The photos are just us. Just the way we are.

Disclaimer: Haven Lifestyle Photography provided these images to me on a CD, there was no obligation for me to blog about the photography session. I just really like the images and think other people might enjoy images that capture their family in a similar style.


  1. the photographer did a gorgeous job, i clicked through to her place and love her style. and your hair looks ace ;)

  2. Lovely. What a wonderful record of your life, your family and your home. We should all do this! Real people, real lives, real stories - now and for the future.

  3. Gorgeous, and to be honest, I really like the breakfast shots.

  4. They are gorgeous Claire! And I love your kitchen stools!

  5. Beautiful family photos. And you have my stools!!!...well, the ones that are on my shopping list ;-)

  6. These photos are just wonderful! I really like the idea and I'm thinking I might have to arrange for something like that to be done in our house!!!

  7. Great photos! And lovely house too :) Those stools are awesome. And how cute are your kids!

  8. I love these photos Claire!!!! Love that they are natural but still beautiful and capturing your essence.

  9. These are beautiful photos Claire you must be so thrilled. I am hoping my hubby surprise me (lol) with a photo session for the family for my 40th birthday x

  10. These photos are gorgeous. I love naturally captured photographs, and these are done just right. xx


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