Monday, August 20, 2012

An actual real secret garden

Most secret gardens are not really so secret. They are more just forgotten, left unattended or new  owners are not blessed with a green thumb.

We have a real secret garden.

It is not always visible. 

You can't drive to it, you need to walk through the bush and climb fences. You need to know where you are going and at what time of year to go there.

The Bees were apparently noisy.

Once upon a time someone lived here. There are the last remains of the fire place, the 'house yard' boundary is marked out by rocks still half buried in the ground. Someone lived here and planted some bulbs and some trees. Someone who wanted flowers in an Australian bush setting.

One day they left.

The bulbs stayed and each year they jumped out of the bushland grass and bloomed their special yellow sunny faces.

Each year a few extra bulbs sprout and the daffodils keep on blooming on.

No one else ever moved in and the house disappeared or fell down so the bushland claimed back the space.

Not many people know where this is, the locals don't want the bulbs dug up, they enjoy this quiet and peaceful place, a secret garden that will remain and expand, where the screeching Cocky is the only one who will pick the flowers.

The scent in the air is amazing. 

Within a few months the bulbs will be gone, until next year when our secret garden will sprout again.

Have you planted some blubs this year, because you never know who might one day enjoy them?


  1. Stunningly beautiful. Looks very peaceful, too.

  2. I love this! What a special place, full of colour and history.

  3. I love it. We have some bulbs I planted when I was pregnant with my first. Most of the year we mow over them and forget all about them but every spring, out they pop. Amazing!

  4. How magical. I wanted to plant some daffodils but they are still sitting there waiting. Next year now.

  5. How awesome! We used to go to an old place very similar in the dandenong ranges in melbourne

  6. What a great place to explore. I love secret gardens. There was a secret garden on the banks of the creek just out of the country town I grew up in. I still wonder if it is still a secret, or even if it is still a garden. I will have to take my kids there one day to find out.

  7. my word, that is so romantic! :)sarah

  8. Oh that is so pretty. That's so cool that you discovered it!

  9. That's so cool and so magical.

  10. Just amazing! Thank you for sharing with us, I would love a secret garden and I think it's awesome that there really are beautiful places like this out there!


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