Friday, August 24, 2012

Winning Weekend #2: Zoe and Beans

Currently I have two fines.

One at the local library and one at the school library.

This is pretty common, as we have kids books all over the house, we read a lot and often. I have them stashed in both cars, in bags I take to restaurants to entertain the girls or if we visit friends who are childless. Popps has them hidden down the side of her mattress in her bed and Immy has a collection of Pooh Bear books on her bed head.

I have mentioned Zoe and Beans before, and here they are again.

Simple, fun, funny. 

There is a particular thing I look for in a kids book, it isn't the message they want to send the child, in fact I am not really a fan of picture books whose main aim is to teach rather than entertain.

I look for a book that as a parent I can cope with reading about 42 million times.


I have two Zoe and Beans: Pants on the Moon to give away - hide them in your stash for Christmas for any child who enjoys a fun story.

Just leave me a comment telling me what you would leave on the moon if you landed there one day.

Comments open asap and close on Sunday 26 August at 8pm.

Fine Print:
Australian Residents Only
If email is not responded to within 48 hours I will redraw the prize
No arguing with the umpire
One comment per person allowed

Edited: 28 August
CLOSED - this giveaway is now closed:

Winners are Kim and Hannah, I will email you asap.


  1. I have a fine at the local library too :( But it's a sign that we borrow books {A LOT} and sometimes misplace them too :) We love kids books here at our place. Haven't read this one though - looks FAB :)

    Hmmm....I'd leave some cupcakes or a sweet treat - for the aliens of course :)


  2. Because I just cannot read Octonauts anymore, ever! New book required! Ps I like your policy of what a good kids book is!

  3. If i could leave something on the moon, it would all the Lego in our house as i am so sick of standing on it and picking it up!

  4. Kim maxwell galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 24, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    Easy, I would be very happy to gather up all the sucky illnesses in thw world and leave them on the moon forever!!

  5. Oh a beautiful book & GORGEOUS story to go with how your girls devour books. Our schools are very lenient, thank goodness, as my middle girl can easily have a dozen books out & overdue.
    What would i leave on the moon . . . a time capsule of all the moon related retro & kitsch gear we have on earth, it's always fascinating hearing what people think of you/ your planet/ your moon, so why not that!!?? Love Posie

  6. Damn fine print. They look gorgeous!

  7. This is one of the most thoughtful giveaways I have encountered! Good luck to all those submitting entries!

    Visit my fashion blog here:


  8. Our local library doesn't do fines for kids books...I love them!!
    I'd leave my husbands new and favorite denim shirt (he does the horrible double denim think...urgh!)

  9. I'd leave a message in a bottle. My sister threw a message in a bottle into the ocean years ago. Still waiting for a reply. I might have more luck on the moon.


  10. My Mother-In-Law. I might get a few weeks peace before an alien sends her home. :)

  11. I would leave a cat to chase away any mice that come looking for cheese!

  12. ThanksClaire!
    I would leave a cushion so the next person was comfy!

  13. I would leave a deck chair and a bottle of wine... because I couldn't think of anything practical or funny. It would also make for an awesome photo or travel ad...

  14. I'd leave a kindle that doesn't run out of charge so the next person could read whatever they wanted to read away from the endless call of 'Mum' just as you get to the good part of the book lol


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