Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Letter to the world, from Immy

Hello world,

when people say 'smile' this is what I do
It's me, Immy Molly Moo, and I am now all grown up.

Today I am two.

Now that I am getting so big I have a few things to let you know, some tips for other younger people and some stories to tell you.

First up, if you are a toddler here are some of my tips to encourage total attention from old people.
Whenever those granny nanny people visit, jump on them screaming out their name, throw your arms around them and squeeze them in a big cuddle. Now you are set, they will get you the good biscuits from the top shelf, not the boring ones your mum gives you when she says, "no more", Nana's find things in their pockets for you to play with, read you any book you drag to their laps and even spoon feed you if that is what you want. These are what I call Grannies in your hand, so don't stand back.

Second, let me tell you my older sister is the bestest sweetest sister ever, some moments she isn't giving me enough attention, I have found biting is not the best option, though lately my teeth are finally coming through and I like to gnaw on Popps' finger a bit. But for fastest results pulling hair is good cos you can run off as soon as you do it. Popps comes in very handy when there are bigger kids around, she protects me if they start to annoy me, but she also gets scared easily so sometimes I just run over and push those other kids over, than they leave her alone, they never expect the itty bitty one to knock them down.

I now have over 500 words, and I like to stand on the bench and do singing concerts, again, mum is not keen about this and shouts something about falling off chairs and hospital or something, whatever, I like pushing chairs around and climbing back up there, sometimes I play with these clicky things up there that turn things on and off, but you should only do this when the mum woman isn't watching.

...just pop this in here, then clicky click click... bugger caught again!
Dad looks after us sometimes, that means we go to the park, it is fun, but sometimes he forgets the black bag that hangs near the door and then I get all wet and he frets and we have to go home. He is very good at playing chasey, hide and seek and counting, sometimes he can count up to 12 on his own, but I usually have to help him.

If you are like me and get dropped at crèche some days, I always find it best to give the Mum woman, who looks a bit different on those days, I think she brushes her hair or something, a very grumpy stare, and be silent, do not blow kisses, do not cry or say bye or wave, just a deathly silent grumpy stare, it makes her hang around longer, giving you cuddles, then she always mutters something about forever being late, to wherever it is she goes.

If you haven't got it, grab yourself some copies of Spot books or teletubbies...they are uber cool, green sheep stuff is good too, but most of all a pram and some dolls, they are fun. But if you are feeling a bit bored in the car, which I always am, I recommend constantly taking off your shoes and socks and throwing them around, the grown ups will go on about "can't you just leave them on for once, where is that sock, I am sick of buying you new socks" they really carry on, it's super funny.

Last of all, every toddler should have a blankie, mine is stripy, it goes everywhere I go and I love love love it. It can be used to hide under, as a horse to ride around, as a blanket for my dolls or to snuggle into. It is my bestest everest thing, but if you don't have one, do not touch mine, I will whip it away so quick you'll get rope burn.

So here I am world, getting bigger and more fabulous by the day, my family think I am the bees knees, I love them to bits too. I am two now, so that means cake. I better go put my whole hand in the middle of it and eat it up.

Squishy cuddles and slobbering kisses,

Immy Molly Moo

This is me practicing to be a ballerina, I really am very sweet.


  1. Aww Immy is adorable, love her sweet letter.
    Ps you won some tarts !

  2. well happy birthday to you!!
    isnt that Ab dress been looking for that!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is so beautiful, Claire! So so beautiful.
    Heidi xo

  4. what a great post!! I really enjoyed that, and I laughed out loud at the plugging in on the kitchen bench...!
    Immy you are a beautiful girl, happy (belated) birthday.
    It's my little boy's birthday today, I might ask him to do a post next week ;) x

  5. Came via Life In A Pink Fibro

    Very cute little girl and very cute post!

  6. That ballerina photo is a keeper! I wish I had a little girl xox

  7. I think you've captured toddlerdom to a T! Although, I find the shoe and sock throwing tends to persist right through to pre-schoolerdom...

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments, she really is a sweet little thing. Wish she could stay two forever.


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