Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how real are you.

Ok, I am going to admit it, you may all send nasty comments and most likely defensive ones but here goes.

I hate plastic Christmas Trees.

Despise, loathe, dislike.

Right now when I get home each day I open the door and the Christmas tree waft welcomes me in and reminds me of all that needs to be done, but also of all the joys of Christmas past. I get excited thinking of how happy the girls will be when they wake on Christmas morning, I can even tolerate the Wiggles Santa CD.

The smell of that tree is like a yummy smelly hug of comfort! 

Just like the smell of home grown ripe tomatoes reminds me of fresh, white bread sangas piled high with layers of juicy red tomato over the summer.

The smell of a certain perfume reminds you of good friends.

A roast cooking just makes you hungry.

A pine tree gets you all happy and festive, wipes away any Bah Humbug feeling you may have.

Recently, I mentioned to a friend how I hated fake trees, she responded with, "Oh, but ours is a good one." I told her there is no such thing. We laughed about how far the humble plastic tree has come in thirty years.

For me, getting the tree was once about sourcing one from the surrounding paddocks or roadside, now it is a humorous task to watch Mr H get it up there on the car, drive home and drag it in. The girls squealing with delight as this happens. Not unpacking a dusty box from the shed and peeling off last years tinsel that is still hanging in there.

one year I want to have a tree like this!!
So now, go ahead tell me all your excuses of why you need a fake tree...



  1. I love the idea of a real tree, but hate the reality. I'm happy with my tree that disappears under the bed every January, to reappear in all its glory the following year. But I will vicariously enjoy the scent of your real one. :-)

  2. Because the only real trees I could source were up north and couldn't deliver to me, nor could we collect.

    A real tree is ALWAYS going to be my preference, but logistics aren't kind to me.

    Last year we had half a branch from the eucalyptus tree I broke off. It didn't work so well. The year before that, it was a bad native cherry tree that fell apart 2 days in. At least the fake tree hasn't fallen over yet.

  3. I'm not sure why we have a fake tree. It's probably that I couldn't be arsed organising a real one, but then again, I'm not sure that I understand the tradition of decorating a tree in ones living room anyway. It looks nice though. I like it.

  4. They smell AWESOME. We leave on an extended holiday next week, so no tree at our place this year:-(

  5. love the real tree and the fun we use to have to pick a tree!!

    But l have a fake hope for the real thing!!

  6. i hear ya!! Nothing beats a real tree IMO. Unfortunatley my 6yo got to choose this year and requested a "real" tree, a la plastique! YUK

  7. I love a real tree, but we have a really tacky tree that has LED lights built in!! It's hilarious. But I am hoping I can swing a real tree this year. HOPING!

  8. I decorate the grass tree in my front yard, does that count?

  9. I would LOVE a real tree, but in our house it's just not a practicality :(
    I would be happy with a nice plastic one over the little straggly one we have up in the cupboard, it's so daggy I haven't even bothered to get it down this year...

  10. Joel loves the real thing he says it "smells like Christmas". HOWEVER after chritsmas last year he threw it in the backyard and somehow thought it would disintegrate and we've only now just got rid of it!

  11. I'm a real tree girl too. There's nothing like that smell! We're off to choose ours tomorrow!

  12. This post is funny as I debated with friends just the other day about what was better - real or fake: the fake tree argument won! I love both though, but have a fake tree. Goodness knows how I'd juggle a real one without my husband being home very much. And that pine smell? Well, those car fragrances work a treat and can deceive even the pickiest real tree convert!! xx

  13. Thanks for you visit yesterday... much appreciated.

    As for real/fake tress....
    if we had a real one the dog would pee up it....

  14. I love a real tree but they don't like a Queensland summer. Dead and smelling completely wrong before Christmas. Real trees remind me of childhood Christmases I got to spend with relies in England. Luckily my youngest has put a self imposed ban on the Wiggles so don't need real tree to help me through the season.

  15. I cant have Christams trees in my house. I have an alergy to the smells they make and polin. so the choice is real tree and feel like crap for a month or a plastic fantastic and me enjoying the season. It is a no brainer for me.

  16. I with you on this one Claire, our needle dropping, prickly, sweet smelling tree has made a perfect (short term) addition to our home.

  17. I'd love to experience a fresh tree for once. Always had plastic. Very convenient though.

  18. I'm with Tamara on this one. Allergies are hellish. Bad enough we have a real pine tree in our front yard but no way am I putting one on purpose inside our house. Not only would I be unable to breath for a month - which I've heard is hazardous to your health. But my girls would also be sniffling and sneezing.

    We tend to avoid visiting friends and relatives who use real trees because of the aforementioned issues. Really is most unpleasant.

    Instead we have embraced the fake tree and gone with 2 meters tall, plastic and pink :D


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