Friday, December 3, 2010

Handmade Living: A GIVEAWAY

I have come across a product that is super cute and handy all at the same time.

Forget messy pin boards or tacks that get dropped to the floor and end up in your foot when you are creeping to bed that night.

And please don’t make me put pinboards on the walls for all the invites, crèche notices, reminders and sticky notes.

Remember the cork boards made from real wine bottle corks when you were in Girl Guides? No, oh, they were great, smelt like old wine too...but in the days of screw top lids and fancy homes we need something much prettier for all the paper crap that lands on your kitchen bench each night.

So to celebrate the launch of the new book…Handmade living…and one of the loveliest crafters in the book, Ali from Park Eden,  you can win a copy of Handmade living right here.

AND Ali is throwing in one of her DIY magnet board kits. The kits inlcude the A4 Magnet sheet, DIY step by step instructions, Button tool kit to make the magnetic buttons, 4 x 28 mm buttons, 4 x magnets (pre-glued. 

You can get crafty and make your own fabulous magnet board.

To win, just check out Ali’s online store and let me know what you could do with one of her products. Easy as that!
Ali will pick the winning comment on Friday 10 December (Entries close 5pm) and have your handmade living pack – including a copy of Handmade living and a Park Eden DIY magnet board kit sent to you in time for Christmas – as a gift or to keep all to yourself

If you are keen to see more you can also check out the facebook page or see Ali at the next market on Saturday 11 December at Fairy Floss Markets Doncaster. They make great Christmas gifts for the impossible to buy for people.


  1. can'twait to get a copy of that book ! ( or win one ) - i love the magnet boards - just what I'm going to need in my 'new' sewing room for keeping track of orders.

  2. What a wonderful giveaway! and we love Ali's gorgeous memo boards... they're in the book! You winner is going to be very lucky! Tania x

  3. oh. dear. one of ali's boards would BEGIN the overdue transformation of my sewing-study nook (tucked in a corner behind my front door for everyone to see)... it would TRANSFORM and INSPIRE me and my space :)

  4. oh. dear. one of ali's boards would BEGIN the overdue transformation of my sewing-study nook (tucked in a corner behind my front door for everyone to see)... it would TRANSFORM and INSPIRE me and my space :)

  5. sorry :( what a novice! posted my link incorrectly on my first post - please feel free to delete it :)

  6. For me it's a toss up..

    the sweet magnet board with the hot air balloon fabric. I have just the spot in the kitchen for it - it would keep my shopping list handy and it's so pretty I would get a little happy feeling every time it caught my eye...


    the navy and red hair slides for my daughter who is starting kindergarten next year (I'm so nervous!) and her uniform is red and navy. I can just imagine her trotting off with these lovely hair slides keeping her unruly birds nest hair neat and tidy (I can dream!)

  7. that is such a hard many beautifuk things there! my fav i think is the red and pink magnetic board

    amazing giveaway!

    gill xo

  8. Wow, great giveaway Clairey. I'm in the midst of doing up Ivy's room so a magnet board would be right up my alley. I love all the little hairclips on the site too. Merry Xmas. xx

  9. I love the cute little golden rabbit bookmark :) It's adorable.

    I would use it to mark my favourite page in my copy of handmade living!

    Thank you.


  10. oh what a gorgeously amazing give away!!
    i am in such desperate need of a magnet board and these are such fun..

  11. I would create a photo memory board using the Custom magnet board. It allows you to change photos with the seasons and mood and shows them off to the world without the annoyance of getting them framed

  12. Loving the magnetic boards. I would use it for my to do list each day but more importantly I could pop the list on there I have my hubby and hope he takes more notice of it and actually do the things on the list. Oh a girl can dream...

  13. Lovely giveaway! Those magnetic boards are very sweet and if I had one, it would have pride of place in my kitchen with the weekly calendar on it noting all the fun I have planned with my little ones.

  14. Those hairclips are gorgeous! I'll be checking them out when my little one finally keeps clips in for more than a minute. lol. I love the DIY magnet boards - I have leftover fabric from the baby blankets that would make the cutest buttons. I'd put it in my daughters room to hang up her drawings

  15. I discovered Ali's CUSTOM magnetic boards at a market recently, and she was so lovely too.
    I know I could do with one of those with 2 young daughters and another on the way, it'd be a perfect to have to place their party invitations, photos and little bits of artwork.

    The book looks amazing, can't wait to purchase it (or win it ;D)

  16. OMGoodness, I am desperate for this book!!!
    It looks so fabulous!!!!!!

    Over at Ali's store I would take the red hair pins. Miss L is growing her fringe out yet again and we are desperate for some flash funky new hair clips.


  17. Wow, the magnet boards are delicious!! Yes, they look good enough to eat, hence the word delicious lol
    I adore the little golden book bookmark, so delightful and takes me back to the day ...a long time ago but back to the day nevertheless hehe.

  18. I would give the hair ornaments to my granddaughters.
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway. yay. XD

  19. Superb give-away.

    I want to spend a few more hours drooling at that gorgeous shop! I cannot go past the magnetic board, what a great idea (and looks simply beautiful). But those hair clips *swoon* my little 4yo 'fashion-plate' just loves accessorizing and manages to go through 'plain and boring' hair clips - losing them, mostly - but strangely, the cute ones are always very carefully looked after. Hmm! So I know she'd want me to say the hair clips (any of them). But I'd go with that magnet board - me wants one now!

  20. Oh it's just right for my eldest daughter for some high school homework/ reminder/ party invitation chic. No need for the book giveaway, i just gave one away on my blog & i'm in the book too. It's so awesome, i love it, filled with super exciting projects!! Love Posie

  21. I'd love a gorgeous magnet board the fabrics are divine!!
    Yes, I'd pop it near my computer desk so my 'to do list' will look so pretty , and because I will keeping looking - here's hoping that I'd feel all inspired to get motivated lol

  22. Oh my I must win this giveaway ;)

    I have wanted to make my son a little inspiration/goal board for ages but just haven't gotten around to it! I want to include little quotes like the Dr Seuss one that says 'today you are you, that is truer than true. there is no one alive who is youer than you' and have cute pics of him and goals or things he is trying to achieve on it!!

    Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic book!!

  23. I would love to use one of the magnet boards as a vision board in my office, and put images of my various goals on it.

  24. ohh the bunny damask is divine! I'd put it in the laundry since there's nothing hanging in there yet and it's where I spend a lot of time...with 2 little ones and all that!!


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