Thursday, December 2, 2010

A night away from my children, once in five years.

There are a stack of reasons why, like breast feeding, no where to go, no baby sitter at the right time, no cash to spend on luxury things, but somehow it has come to pass that I have gone nearly five years without a single full night to myself.

Giving birth to Immy and spending a few nights at the Sofitel does NOT count, cos Immy was actually with me at all times, and I was stuck in bed (ok, with room service and movies on demand) with some rather nasty stitches in the nether regions!

The time has come, the stars and moon have aligned.

I am having a girls weekend of luxury and relaxation.

I am fortunate to have a little posse of fabulous friends, the intelligent, tell it like it is, hang around in the shit times, we can all can all work this out type of women that I love to be around. We don't catch up enough cos we all work, run small businesses, have kids and commitments to get to.

Ms Never Sleep has organised the house on the beach and the massage person to come to us.

The pub is a quick walk away

The beach is literally out the window.

There are four rooms, and four own room, my own bed... Be still my beating heart.

Jealous??? I would be!

image - this is really where I will be!


  1. Oh my god that place is divine! and good on you. I always get away WHENEVER I can. Makes me a better mum. Enjoy.
    Love Mrs Woog xox

  2. LOVE the look of that place and proximity to pub extra advantage. Enjoy your re-charge. I'm with Mrs Woog above. Once you've made it happen once, you'll keep creating the opportunities.

  3. Love it - and oh, will YOU love it. Enjoy your much-deserved time away.

  4. Wow, you certainly deserve this! Once is five years, gee whiz! It all sounds divine. Soak it all up :)
    Heidi xo

  5. That looks wonderful! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! You deserve it!


  6. If ever one had the chance to be Samantha from Bewitched IT IS NOW!!!!! I wish I could twitch my nose & be there in a heartbeat! Thinking of you all and the gorgeous & wicked weekend you are in for. Hugs to you all xx

  7. when did this happen and not invite your favorite sister!! Have a great time..mine would be firts time in11yrs .......

  8. Yes! I am jealous, but in a nice way. You deserve a lovely break if it's your first in 5 years! I hope you have a brilliant time, it looks AMAZING!

  9. OMG you have gone to heaven. Wow. I am jealous.


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